I WARNING: The carbine should be stored UNLOADED, with the bolt in closed position, the safety engaged and the hammer I decocked (to decock the hammer pull the trigger).

I WARNING: Store firearms and ammunition separately, each in its own locked container, and away from children and I unauthorized adults!

I WARNING: Be certain your firearm is unloaded before shipping or taking it to the dealer.

CAUTION: It is recommended to store the firearm in the supplied case. Before storage, always check the conditions of the carbine and its case. Make sure that they are perfectly dry.

CAUTION: Do not store your carbine in a leather, fabric or canvas holster or case. These materials attract moisture, even though they may appear to be perfectly dry.


Le illustrazioni e descrizioni di questo opuscolo si intendono fornite a titolo indicativo. La Casa si riserva pertanto il diritto di apportare ai suoi modelli, in qualsiasi momento e senza preavviso, quelle modifiche che ritenesse utili per migliorarli o per qualsiasi esigenza di carattere costruttivo e commerciale.

The illustrations and descriptions given in this brochure are intended as a general guide only, and must not be taken as binding. The Company, therefore, reserves the right to make, at any moment and without prior notice, any changes it thinks necessary to improve its models or to meet any requirements of manufacturing or commercial nature.

Les illustrations et les descriptions contenues dans ce prospectus ne sont données qu'à titre indicatif. La Maison se réserve le droit de modifier, à tout moment et sans préavis, ses modèles pour les améliorer ou pour n'importe quelle exigence de caractère constructif et commercial.

Las ilustraciones y descripciones de este folleto tienen un valor puramente indicativo. La Casa se reserva por lo tanto el derecho de aportar a sus modelos, en todo momento y sin previo aviso, cuantas modificaciones considere útiles al fin de mejorarlos o por cualquier exigencia de construcción o de oportunidad comercial.

Beretta Pubblicità - C61724 10/03

Printed in Italy batan - Gardone V.T.

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