WARNING: Be certain the carbine is pointed in a SAFE direction. !

WARNING: Do not place your finger on the trigger or inside the trigger guard.

• Pointing the firearm in safe direction, remove the loaded magazine from the grip.

• Fully retract the bolt by means of the cocking handle to remove the chambered cartridge.

WARNING: Always visually inspect the firing chamber to ensure that it is empty. The chamber is empty when no cartridge is visible when looking into the open chamber.

WARNING: If you are ejecting unfired cartridges, use extreme care to be sure they are ejected onto an appropriate surface. Never attempt to catch cartridges or fired cartridge cases as they fall.

WARNING: Never allow anything to come in contact with the primer of unfired ammunition. Doing so could cause the ammunition to explode.

• When sure that the chamber is empty and the cartridge has been ejected, release the bolt.

WARNING: Depressing the slide release lever when a loaded magazine is in the carbine will feed a cartridge into the carbine's firing chamber. Having the hammer cocked, the carbine will be in the condition of being able to fire immediately.

To increase the service life of the hammer spring, it is advisable to decock the hammer by pulling the trigger.

WARNING: Always unload the firearm immediately after shooting is completed.

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