Breech Bolt Assembly

NOTICE: The breech bolt need only to be disassembled from the receiver if this is actually required, and also for cleaning, which should be done every 500 rounds approx. and in any case at the end of the hunting season (refer to the section entitled: "SPECIAL MAINTENANCE").

NOTICE: It is advisable to carry out the field stripping and the assembly operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

• Make sure the hammer is cocked to facilitate extraction of the breech bolt from the receiver. If the barrel has been previously disassembled, the hammer is cocked (in the rearmost position). If the hammer has been decocked, recock the hammer manually by retracting the breech bolt fully with the bolt lowered. The cocked hammer prevents the connecting rod (rear part of the breech bolt) from stopping against it when extracting the breech bolt.

• Engage the safety by pushing the safety button until the red ring disappears.

• Place the receiver-stock assembly on a horizontal surface with the opening lever pointing upwards.

• Insert a thin drift punch in the hole on the left of the receiver (as viewed from the rear) and exert some pressure (Fig. 27) to disengage the breech bolt.

• Press the breech bolt retaining pin and remove the breech bolt from the receiver (Fig. 28).

NOTICE: If the hinge pin is inserted in the receiver, the breech bolt cannot be removed.

CAUTION: Do not disassemble the breech bolt further. If necessary, take the shotgun to a competent gunsmith.

The breech bolt assembly is divided into:

- bolt with extractor and related springs and pins;

- breech bolt with connecting rod, firing pin and plunger. The breech bolt holds the firing pin safety, the breech bolt retaining pin, the breech bolt latch and the breech bolt plunger.

To reassemble the breech bolt:

• Check that the hammer is cocked.

• Hold the receiver-stock assembly in a vertical position (Fig. 29).

• Align the side guides of the breech bolt with the relevant slots inside the receiver near the hinge pin holes (Fig. 30). Insert the breech bolt connecting rod in the tapered housing of the recoil spring guide and press the breech bolt right in until it engages (Fig. 31).

• Operate the opening lever to check that the breech bolt is engaged correctly.

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