Interchangeable Top

WARNING: Check that the gun is unloaded (empty cartridge chamber and carrier). ! If necessary, unload the gun as described in the relevant section. !

WARNING: Never point the gun at someone or at a hard or flat surfaces. Always treat the gun as if it were loaded. (See points 1, 2 and 4 of the BASIC SAFETY ! RULES).

NOTICE: It is advisable to carry out the following operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

NOTICE: It is advisable to remove the barrel.


• Remove the rib retaining pin using a tip punch (Fig. 44).

• Push the rib toward the muzzle, raise it and remove it from the barrel.


Note the following:

• Position the front rib lug in the grooves on the barrel. Keep the rib parallel with the barrel and protruding by approx. 2 cm from the muzzle. The rib lug must be inserted first by the front side of the groove (arrow A Fig. 45).

• Position the rib center lugs in the barrel/fore-end spacers (Fig. 46) and the rear of the rib in the T-slot (Fig. 47) on the barrel extension.

NOTICE: During these operations, the top rib must be firmly kept in contact with the barrel surface to allow the top rib retaining points to fit snugly in the relevant seats on the barrel.

• When the top rib retaining points are well fitted in their seats on the barrel, slide the top rib along the barrel so that it perfectly engages the front rib lug in the dovetailed seat of the barrel groove (arrow B Fig. 45).

• The rear part of the rib must protrude about 1 cm from the rear end of the barrel, as shown in Fig. 48.

• Check that the rib is firmly engaged in every part of the surface of the barrel.

• Insert the rib retaining pin when the rib hole is perfectly centered with the one on the barrel. To facilitate this operation, slightly tap the pin using a small hammer.

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