Replacing The Spacer And Plate

NOTICE: The "DX" mark on the spacer and on the plate means "cast-off", the "SX" mark means "cast-on". The stock drop values are expressed in millimeters. The stock drop and cast of the spacer ® must always correspond to those of the metal plate ©.

NOTICE: The stock drop and cast modification must be carried out by a competent gunsmith.

NOTICE: It is advisable to carry out the following operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

Tools required:

• Torque wrench (suggested) with a 6-mm pipe extension.


• Disassemble the stock using the hexagonal spanner and remove the spacer and the plate.

• Position the spacer ® around the stock bolt tube. Make sure that the marking showing the desired drop and cast ("C-60-SX" in the drawing) is visible on the spacer.

• Put the rear plate © and the spring washer in the stock insert until the plate reaches its seat in the stock. Make sure that the same marking referring to the drop and cast ("C-60-SX" in the drawing) is visible on the plate.

• Use the screwdriver to center the plate and the washer in the stock.

• Assemble the stock, making sure to locate the stock bolt tube through the rear plate ® and the washer. Also make sure that the front spacer ®

is centered between the stock and the receiver. (During this operation keep the shotgun vertical with the barrel down).

• Using the hexagonal spanner insert the stock retaining nut with a torque of about 1.6/1.8 Kgm (11.6/13.0 Ftlb) (Kg meter). A torque wrench is useful for this purpose.

• Reassemble the recoil pad.

Custom Stocks Ugb25



• Using a flathead screwdriver (approx. 4 mm/0.2"), pull out the retaining clasp of the Gel^Tek recoil pad (Fig. 42).

• Place the pad on the stock and make sure that all bushings are placed in the proper holes.

• Pushing the pad securely against the stock, push retaining clasp upwards, until it disappears in the pad assembly. Be sure that the pad fits flush and firmly to the stock (Fig. 43).

For the Beretta break-open semiautomatic UGB25 Xcel with multi-adjustable stock, remount the recoil pad assembly following the instructions provided in the section entitled: "ADJUSTING THE MULTI-ADJUSTABLE STOCK".

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