Reversible Safety

CAUTION: This operation must be carried out by a competent gunsmith.

WARNING: Check that the gun is unloaded (empty cartridge chamber and carrier). ! If necessary, unload the gun as described in the relevant section. !

WARNING: Never point the gun at someone or at a hard or flat surfaces. Always ! treat the gun as if it were loaded. (See points 1, 2 and 4 of the BASIC SAFETY ! RULES).

NOTICE: It is advisable to carry out the following operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

The safety button is factory assembled to be engaged by pushing it from the left to the right side of the receiver and disengaged in the opposite direction with the index finger of the right hand (right-handed shooters).

To ensure the same easy handling for left-handed shooters, the safety can be mounted in a reverse position so that it can be engaged from the right to the left side of the gun and disengaged in the opposite way by using the left index finger.

Proceed as follows to assemble the safety in a reverse position:

• Cock the hammer by levering the barrel downwards.

• Keep the safety plunger pressed down with a drift punch and push the safety out of its seat (from the right to the left side of the gun).

CAUTION: Take care to prevent the plunger spring from coming out of its seat together with the plunger as they may get lost.

Mount the safety in the reverse position from the left to the right side of the gun and push the safety button in position while keeping the safety plunger pressed down.

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