The Problem Concentricity and Eccentricity

Many different types and calibers of ammunition contain concentricity flaws, industrially manufactured ammunition generally contains errors of 4/1,000" to 20/1,000" (measured in the region of the projectile's tip), although flaws of up to 40/1,000" can also occur. A shot at a distance of 300 yards with such a shell will forcibly miss its target by up to a foot due to the provoked rotational imbalances.

Bersin Concentricity

Even carefully reloaded bullets may easily contain errors of several 1/1,000", often caused by minor mistakes in the reloading process, such as a slight misalignment of the projectile during its insertion in the case mouth or the use of uneven brass. The BERSIN device generally allows the detection and even reduction of these errors to under 1/1,000" (0.025 mm). In reloaded high precision ammunition produced with the most recent highly sophisticated reloading equipment, the targeted 0.001" accuracy can be controlled and will be improved to within a few 1/10,000 ".

The result of measuring and adjustment of the rifle cartridge is a much closer target diameter.

By means of a simple process of manual measuring and adjustment of industrially manufactured or reloaded ammunition, the eccentricity flaws can be corrected dramatically increasing the accuracy of your shot by up to 50%.

By aligning the projectile's axis with the axis of the cartridge case, the projectile is pressed more accurately into the barrel throat. This avoids rotational imbalances in the projectile before and after the bullet leaves the barrel. A misaligned projectile in the cartridge case enters the barrel of the rifle on angle and slightly deformed. The lands and grooves of the barrel will further deform the projectile as it enters the barrel causing it to rotate nonuniformly down the barrel. This creates what is generally called a flyer or erratic shot.

Rigorous testing in different atmospherically neutralized facilities at a 335 yard distance confirm the efficiency of the BERSIN device. Numerous shot patterns were established for ammunition set up using the BERSIN ammunition tester by the following: Industry (SIG Swiss Industry Union; Swiss Arms, a branch of SIG; Gruenig & Elmiger, Switzerland), as well as independent or governmental organizations (e.g. Austrian Ammunition Office Vienna). Other tests were executed by some top athletes in precision shooting. The shot patterns below depict the results that can be obtained by using the BERSIN device.

Please note that all patterns were established in a tunnel, at a distance of 335 yards, with a fixed barrel, and different calibers and ammunition types. The scale is slightly reduced, the actual circle diameter of the inner target circle is four inches. The left side shows the test results without the use of the BERSIN device, the right side proves the very obvious improvement after measuring and aligning the cartridges.

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Schussbiid Stgw 90 PE

Distant 300 m. elektronische Tieifefauswertung 10 Schuss iF ab Maschine

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