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Fireworks & Pyro Projects Ebook

Fireworks & Pyro Projects eBook, is the largest and most exciting collection of practical fireworks projects ever assembled in one book. All 120+ projects were previously published in Skylighter's newsletters. Now they have been reformatted, updated and neatly organized into a single book. You can download all of these projects minutes from now. Making Incredible Aerial Shells: 11 projects. Making Fireworks Rockets Better than Anything You've Ever Seen: 21 projects. Making Fireworks Stars in Every Color of the Rainbow: 25 projects. More here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this manual, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I purchased a copy myself to find out what all the publicity was about.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Model Mauser Single Shot Pistol

Note the short hammer travel. Pistol fired, all parts at rest. in the cylinder wall. During the act of cocking, the stud operating in the cut brought the cylinder around the distance of one chamber and lined the chamber up with the mouth of the barrel. Samuel Colt developed a cylinder revolving on this general system. It was never produced in quantity, however. The English Webley-Fosbey Automatic Revolver and the U. S. Union Arms Company Automatic Revolver also...

Ethan Allen

He brought pepperbox to its highest development Born Bellingham, Mass., Sept. 2. 1808 Died Jan. 7, 1871 Although he was probably no re-k lation of the famous Revolutionary War hero of the same name. Ethan Allen came from an old New England family, and all his business ventures were family affairs. His first partnership was with his brother-in-law Charles Thurber. Thomas P. Whee-lock of Allen amp Wheelock was another brother-in-law. After Wheelock's death in 1864, 2 of Allen's sons-in-law, S....

Inside A Shotgun Primer

Shotshell Primer


Safety Fuse Igniter

Safety Fuse Igniter

Lighter, fuse, friction-type, J11. pull on the loop, or handle at the closed end. ignites the powder that, in turn, fires the j gt owder t rain in the fuse. To prevent pulling the fuse lighter from the fuse and causing an air gap between the fuse end and the lighter, hold the body of the lighter in one hand and pull the igniter wire with the other. If any doubt exists as to whether the fuse is burning and the length of fuse will permit time, pull the fuse lighter off the fuse by...


The RUGER MODEL 77 50 is a single shot muzzleloading percussion rifle intended solely for use with Black Powder or Pyrodex. It should never, under any circumstances, be loaded with any type of smokeless powder as the result could be damage to the rifle and injury to the shooter or bystanders. Be aware that certain smokeless powders may appear black in color even though they are not Black Powder Never use any powder that you are not certain is actually Black Powder. The best way to do this is to...


Colt Cut Drawing

Although self-cocking revolvers had been in use for many years prior to 1877, it was not until that year that such an arm was offered by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co., of Hartford, Conn. Designed in 1876 by Colt employee William Mason, the Double Action or DA model was initially introduced in cal. .38 only. Subsequently it was offered in cal. .41, with a small quantity also made in cal. .32. Distinctive features of the DA model are the double hand, birdshead grip, and the absence of the...

Before firing

Smith Wesson Blueprint

The safety lever put on position EM single fire. At single fire the trigger lever 41 11 In connection with its oblong hole 43 1 , the safety pin 41 7 , the elbow spring with roller 41 10 , the catch for single fire 42 3 and the catch for trigger lever 42 4 as disconnector comes into action. Fig. 42 Functioning position of trigger parte at position E single fire Fig. 42 Functioning position of trigger parte at position E single fire The trigger lever with its oblong hole can be shifted about 1.5...

Browning Bar High Power Rifle

Mossberg 935 Gas Cylinder Assembly

The Browning semi-automatic centcrfire rifle was a spin-off of Fabrique National's FN development of military weapons. It has a gas-operated mechanism with a rotating bolt head which engages shoulders in the rear of the barrel. Its box magazine can. but need not. be detached from the hinged floorplate for loading. M. Ernest Vervier was its principal designer. When introduced in 1967. the rifle was availabe in Grades 1 no engraving and 11 light engraving chambered only for the .30-06 cartridge....

Improvised Homemade Shotgun Shells

410 Shotgun Cartridges

If, for whatever reason, you cannot buy your .410g shells from a store, you may need to construct your own improvised .410 ammunition. The following document illustrates how .410 shells can be easily and quickly constructed with just a few simple tools and components. 1 15 32 11.9mm brass tube. 2 13 32 amp 7 16 brass tube. The first step in constructing these improvised .410 shotgun shells is to purchase some lengths of brass tubing. This material is commonly available from most good hobby and...

And Maintenance

M79 Grenade Launcher Parts

This chapter contains instruction for mechanical training, operation and functioning of the 40-mm grenade launcher, M79. Grenadiers are authorized to disassemble the launcher as follows a. Clear the weapon by rotating the barrel lock- Figurt 10-1. Removing or installing the retaining band screw. Figurt 10-1. Removing or installing the retaining band screw. ing latch lever its full travel to the right and opening the barrel. Inspect the breech to insure that no round is present. b. Remove the...

Mini Machine Pistol

Homemade Mini Machine Pistol

OR .22 SHORT, ADAPTABLE OPERATION FULL AUTOMATIC ONLY CAPACITY 8, 15 SHOTS. MODIFIED AR-7 EXPLORER MAGAZINES ARE USED. OTHER MAGAZINES ADAPTABLE OVERALL LENGTH .DEPENDS ON BARREL LENGTH REMARKS USUALL YENCOUNTERED INDIFFERENT STYLES AND CALIBRES. The weapon operates on a simple blow back principle. The bolt is drawn to the rear by its grasping lug, fastened to the rear end of the bolt. The bolt will be held in open position by the sear. The sear engages the bolt face and holds...

To Load And Fire

Do not load the revolver until you are ready to use it. 2. Note The loading gate cannot be opened unless the hammer and trigger are fully forward, and the hammer cannot he cocked once the gate i opened. 3. Open the gate. This permits the cylinder to rotate. 4. Turn cylinder clockwise, by hand, and insert cartridges in chambers. 5. Align a chamber with the barrel and close the gate. The revolver is now in its normal carrying condition - hammer and trigger fully forward and transfer bar...


Rocket Nozzle Insulation

Ammunition and ammunition components are completely identified by the painting and marking including an ammunition lot number which appears on all original packing containers and, when practicable, on the item itself. i'NSULAT NG TU8ING PROTECTS STRIPPED -SNC Of BLUE LEAD blue lead hemove insulating tu3in6 before con-nectimg . wire to contact swung ' contact riv3 .lot number type and . .model of f 'rocket -olive dsa2 v.'itm marking IN yellow- A-ROCKET. HI, AT, 3.5-1 HCH. M28A2 SHOWN...

Fuse Cord

Pour axploalvo or propollaat into pipa a little bit at a time. Tap tha baa o oi tho pipo frequently to aettle filler. 4. Drill a bole la the coator of tba unassembled pipe cap largo enough for the fuae cord to paaa through. NOTE To find out how long the fuae cord should be, check the time it takes a known length to burn. If 12 inches 30 cm burns for 30 seconds, a 10 second delay will require a 4 inch 10cm fuse.

Pump And Motor Specifications

Rifle Mod 8022 Bolt Action Cal

To convert voltage and current ratings to power Voltage Rating x Current Rating Watts For this motor 115 volts x 5.8 amps 667 watts Cam Crimp Housing 16, 28 amp .410 Gauge Only Wad Guide Fingers 12, 16, 20, 28 Only Must be used with 3-inch conversion kit. Not Illustrated.

Factory Grenade F1

How Made Grenade

lt W-k- gt gt gt ,-s gt gt V - v y I1A1-F1 flash a high impact grade nylon containing a black organic dye. The handguard material is different in that it is a heat and light stabilized moulding grade nyfon which also contains 33 by weight of low alkali glass fibre. The kit comprises pistol grip and cover, carry handle, butt, butt plate, buttplate plug and left and right handguards. The nylon furniture was found to be more suitable to extremes of climate than wood and in Canada and Arctic...

Ge-225 Light Machine

M16a1 Naming The Parts

Sectioned Rciufoss 12.7mm Multipurpose projectile The detonator l is mounted in rotor 2 which is in out-of-line-position. Thus the main charge 3 cannot be ignited in case of an accidental initiation of the detonator. The firing pin 4 resp. the hammer is held by a pressure spring 5 and a slotted sleeve which is secured by a coil tape 6 . This coil provides the arming safe distance of the fuze since it prevents the firing pin 4 from hitting the detonator 1 within a certain flight path of the...

Steps Of Functioning

The eight steps of functioning feeding, chambering, locking, firing, unlocking, extracting, ejecting, and cocking begin after the loaded magazine has been inserted into the weapon. STEP 1 Feeding Figure 2-4 . As the bolt carrier group moves rearward, it engages the buffer assembly and compresses the action spring into the lower receiver extension. When the bolt carrier group clears the top of the magazine, the expansion of the magazine spring forces the follower and a new round up into the path...

Installation Of Ma Cont

Navy M16 Rifle Disassembly Pics

Stake once on each side of barrel stop pin hole 5 . 11.1. Position mounting bracket over carbine barrel in step down area between muzzle and front sight with the flanges toward the muzzle. 12. Rotate mounting bracket upward side ways and insert other bushing half between M203A1 receiver and M4 M4A1 carbine barrel. 13. Insert bracket clamp assembly 6 into mounting bracket 7 behind the mounting bracket flange, with the rounded portion of bracket clamp assembly toward carbine barrel, and slide... Concelable And Automatic Firearms

Browning Power Automatic

tes lt i 9 r i e- m'ose SJ amp H AJ'S amp Q47' amp CAf 7-Q Ses T tes lt i 9 r i e- m'ose SJ amp H AJ'S amp Q47' amp CAf 7-Q Ses T 7E r Mort f soir ro 7E r Mort f soir ro ue off At rauff A e or r Jt a xW re FAittw w nt oetr 0t tere so trcetst AC fus 4r 2 gt r s xr amp CSA TW ue off At rauff A e or r Jt a xW re FAittw w nt oetr 0t tere so trcetst AC fus 4r 2 gt r s xr amp CSA TW .F IC OFF 7X S M4 amp 9Z MI f M s S gt rr tr es t .0 BROWNING HI-POWER MACHINE PISTOL CONVERSION CATEGORY COMMERCIALLY...

Charge Increment

155mm Charge M203

M4A1 Std AMCTC 4633 dtd 1966. This white bag propelling charge is used in 155mm howitzers for firing in Zones 3,4,5,6, and 7. The total charge M4A2 Prop. Charge consists of 13 pounds of propellant and is divided between a base charge and four unequal increments loaded in white cloth bags. The increments are connected by four cloth tapes sewn to the base and tied on top of Increment 7. The igniter for Charge M4A2 is 3.5 ounces of clean burning igniter CBI in a red...

Tabic Of Contents

Hk94 Explosive Parts

Introduction 5 Basic Description 9 Physical Differences 15 Sequence Of Operation 21 Modification To Weapon 35 Parts To Be Manufactured 43 The purpose of this manual is to present the necessary engineering data, manufacturing procedures, and machinist drawings for conversion of the semi-automatic HECKLER AND KOCH 94 HK-94 carbine into a selective-fire weapon, providing both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire at the control of the firer. In the modified condition as outlined in this manual,...

Recoiloperated guns

In recoil-operated systems, which may be of short-recoil or long-recoil types, the energy to drive the reloading cycle comes from the recoil force generated by firing the gun. Part of the gun is designed to recoil against the remainder, compressing a spring, as the breech is opened and the fired case extracted and ejected the energy stored in the spring is used to drive the bolt back into battery, thrusting a fresh cartridge into the breech as it does so. A key point is that the bolt is...

Technical Manuals Tm

TM 9-1010-230-23 amp P TO 11W2-5-16-2 SW 363-03-MMM-020 TM 9-1010-231-13 amp P TO 11W2-8-32-4 SW 363-D4-MMM 010-MK64 Organizational and Direct Support Maintenance Manual including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Machine Gun, 40MM, MK19 MOD 3 Operator's, Unit, and Direct Support Maintenance Manual including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Mount, Machine Gun, MK64 TM 11-5855-214-10 Operator's Manual for Night Vision Sight, Crew Served Weapon AN TVS-5 TM 4700-15 1 Equipment Record...

Headstamp Markings on Ammunition Introduction

Union Metallic Headstamp

A cartridge headstamp is a mark, or series of marks impressed, or sometimes embossed, on the head of the cartridge case during its manufacture. The mark can consist of numbers, letters, trademarks, figures or any combination of these. Systems of headstamp markings are used worldwide. They can be in any language, numbering system or can relate to any calendar. From these impressions, one can, depending on the type of ammunition and its origin, determine the manufacturer, calibre, type, date of...

Stippling Powder Tattooing and Pseudo Powder Tattooing

Powder Stippling Skin Gunshot

Stippling consists of multiple punctate abrasions of the skin due to the impact of small fragments of foreign material. If this material is gunpowder, the author calls this form of stippling powder tattooing. If the material is not powder, but the punctate abrasions produced appear identical to those due to powder, the phenomena is referred to as pseudo-powder tattooing. Most stippling of a non-gunpowder origin does not resemble powder tattooing and can easily be differentiated from it. The...

Blunderbuss Trabucos

Hawken Black Powder Rifle

The blunderbuss was to the 18th century what the machine gun was to the 19th, a solid weapon that could shoot multiple projectiles from a single barrel. With its wide mouth for an even dispersal of the shot, it was an impressive weapon well suited to guarding gates, stairways or streets. It could be reloaded quickly and easily even while running. The blunderbuss became an indispensable weapon for travellers at a time when the highways were alive with bandits. It is now used only in village...

Chapter Introduction

M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

Chapters 1 through 8 of this manual provide guidance for training -with the 40-mm grenade launcher M203 and Chapters 9 through 12 provide guidance ior training with the 40-mm grenade launcher, M79. This manual contains a discussion of the launchers and their characteristics disassembly assembly procedures, launcher controls and sighting equipment, operation and functioning, types and functioning of standard ammunition, Bafety precautions, and marksmanship training. Users of this manual are...

Tm 9-1010-221-14

Gun With Duct Taped Grenade Launcher

Most commonly used firing positions are the prone, kneeling, foxhole, and standing positions. Supported positions add stability to the weapon and should be used when possible. The grenadier takes the various firing positions in the same way as with the service rifle FM 28-9 , with the following exceptions 1 Hold the thumb of the right hand against the right side of the stock. The safety may injure the thumb when the launcher recoils if the thumb is placed over the top of the small of the stock....

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