Rear sight notch for side adjustment

- The sight has holes left and right for a 1.5 mm alien key

- Point of impact more to the left: loosen alien screw on the right side, tighten alien screw on the left side

- Point of impact more to the right: loosen alien screw on the left side, tighten alien screw on the right side

Please tighten alien screws with sensitivity.

The K 95 has been prepared for the original Blaser saddle mount (DBP). We assume that an authorized dealer has fitted your scope correctly to match the barrel.

5.1. Mounting the scope:

- Flip the covers of the front and rear locking lever open, ensuring that both of them are swivelled fully forward/up.

- Grip the rifle at the fore-end with your left hand and support stock on your thigh.

- Grip the scope at the centre tube above the mount with your right hand in such a manner, that you can reach the front locking lever with your thumb.

- Carefully place the two round pins of the scope mount into the two oval notches in the upper right side of the barrel. Tilt scope to the left and keep it in this position.

- First press the front and then the rear mounting lever (which were flipped open previously) backwards/down with your thumb, until they reach the stop (tension). If this can be done too easily or only by using considerable force, then the mounts are set incorrectly. In either case, have your authorized dealer correct this to specification.

- Close the two saddle covers of the locking levers now.

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