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EEE Assembly

• Insert barrel set into receiver, with muzzle pointing upwards, and hold it there.

• Fasten the two barrel fastening nuts hand tight with the Allen key provided (SW4). Do not use extensions!

• Insert magazine into magazine well and press it downwards.

• Carefully put bolt with the two guide slide ends onto rear end of receiver, parallel to bolt guide rail.

• Press magazine downwards and slide bolt assembly forward, into receiver.


When mounting the bolt assembly, the bolt handle has always to be in its rear position. I.e. at an angle of approx. 45°. If the bolt handle is in an almost vertical position, mounting of the bolt assembly is not possible. Turn the bolt handle back into the 45°-position, until it engages.


Care has to be taken during assembly, that barrel, bolt assembly and magazine are appropriate for the calibre.


• Push both safety slides slightly forward with your thumb (approx. 2mm); at the same time, turn bolt handle backwards with your index and middle finger (unlock), then pull bolt assembly back in a straight line.

• Push in bolt stop and hold it there, at the same time, pull bolt assembly out towards the back, using your other hand.

• Loosen the two barrel fastening nuts with the Allen key provided (SW4).

Blaser R93 Duo

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