Breathing Techniques

Breath Modulation Tools

Breath Modulation Tools

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Secrets Of The Ocean Breath

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Reducing Tension And Attaining Relaxation

In normal tension, your body undergoes certain definite changes. Adrenalin pours into your bloodstream and your liver releases sugar, giving a supply of energy to your muscles. Your entire nervous system shifts into high gear. It causes your sense of smell, hearing and sight to become sharpened and all your mental faculties to become razor keen. Your stepped-up nervous system also causes the large voluntary muscles of your legs, arms and torso to contract, ready for action. The muscles of your digestive tract cause your digestion to slow down for a while. Your chest and arterial muscles contract slightly so that your breathing becomes a bit shallower and your blood pressure increases. When all these things are happening, you are experiencing normal tension. Most of us experience this kind of tension one or more times a day. When the problem which caused you to be tense has been solved, your tension will subside and you will return to a normal state of relaxation. It may leave slowly...

The Four Fundamentals

Basic Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals

As the firer's skills improve and as timed or multiple targets are presented, he must learn to control his breath at any part of the breathing cycle. Two types of breath control techniques are practiced during dry fire. The coach trainer ensures that the firer uses two breathing techniques and understands them by instructing him to exaggerate his breathing. The firer must be aware of the rifle's movement (while sighted on a target) as a result of breathing.

Ctype Of Exercise

A series of mild, non-strenuous exercises of the type that require body bending, stretching, deep breathing and moderate muscular tension are best suited to obtaining a condition defined as good body tone and a feeling of well-being. Sore, aching muscles tend to fatigue quickly, and nervous tremor usually results.

Ruger Mini

The factory recognized the need for an optional pistol grip folding stock as well as a vented handguard for improved barrel cooling.(see figure 1) The latter is currently available to civilians as a factory accessory, but the folding stock assembly is restricted to police military sales only. There are rumors that this unit may be offered to the public in a year or two, but don't hold your breath. Although once available for the original series 180 rifles, these optional stocks are now available for the current 181 series only.Qualified buyers (tax exempt agencies) may order through their police equipment supplier or directly from the factory. (Fig.l)

Plate Xviii

Oil should not be used on the bearings of powder scales. The use of a small quantity of high grade watch oil may be justified at times, where climatic conditions are conducive to the formation of rust, but after its application, the oil should be wiped off completely. Dust is apt to accumulate in the bearings where it will impede the free movement of the beam of the scale. The presence of any oil will cause dust to stick, in addition to the possibility of the oil gumming which, in itself, is bad enough. A camel's hair brush is convenient for dusting the bearings. Don't blow on them, as the condensed moisture from your breath may promote rusting.

Breath Control

The physiological processes involved in breathing The shooter however, must not view the breathing process solely from the movement of the chest and the gun. He must not forget that the process of breathing, which consists of a combination of processes which occur constantly in the human body, determine in general the condition of the human being. Therefore, proper breathing is of great importance during shooting exercises which last several hours. Incorrect breathing technique has an adverse effect upon shooting, especially if the concentration is disturbed by sensing of the need to breathe.