Cleaning and Maintenance Suggestions

You should clean your A-500 whenever it becomes excessively dirty - and perform a thorough cleaning at least once a year. The barrel should be cleaned, and the action wiped clean and oiled after every day of shooting. If a malfunction occurs, perform a thorough cleaning, to see if it solves the problem, before seeking the services of a Browning Recommended Service Center, the Browning Service Facility in Arnold, Missouri, or a competent gunsmith.

Normal maintenance can be accomplished with the barrel still attached to the receiver (oiling and wiping down). More careful cleaning requires removal of only the barrel from the receiver (cleaning the barrel). A complete cleaning requires removal of the breechblock and trigger group.

PERIODIC OILING — Ordinary good judgment will indicate that the metal parts of the gun should receive a light film of oil after the gun has been exposed to weather or handling. Occasionally, a small drop of oil may be placed on each receiver track in which the barrel extension guides and breechblock run during operation (See Figure 21). This will help to relieve friction and ensure smooth operation.

Shotgun Chamber Correct Definition

Also, lightly lubricate the breechblock, rotary bolt and spring guides. DO NOT POUR LARGE QUANTITIES OF OIL INTO THE ACTION. A

large excess of oil will run back into the wood of the stock and cause softening of the wood, with consequential loosening of the stock.

CLEANING PROCEDURES - The correct procedure for cleaning your A-500 shotgun is as follows:

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□ Remove the barrel so that it can be cleaned from the breech end (See "Disassembly ..." on page 21).

BUsing a shotgun cleaning rod with tip and patch large enough for a snug fit in the bore, insert the rod and patch in the breech end of the barrel and run back and forth through the bore several times. Remove and wipe the tube, tube threads and barrel threads, and lightly oil.

□ Inspect the bore from both ends for leading by looking through bore toward light. Leading will appear as dull longitudinal streaks and is usually more predominant near the muzzle and just forward of the chamber.

A normal amount of leading can be expected with today's high velocity loads and improved wads but this is not serious. If or when leading should become heavy, it can be removed with a brass bore brush. Make sure a choke tube is installed. Spray the bore or the bore brush with a good powder solvent, and scrub the bore until leading is removed. To prevent brass bristles from breaking off, the brush should be pushed completely through the bore before being withdrawn.

'After leading has been removed, the bore should be wiped dry with a clean patch, and then a lightly oiled patch run through it for preservation.

If .the gun has been exposed to much dust, dirt, mud or water, the principal working parts should be wiped clean and lubricated with a light film of oil. Browning Oil is recommended.

Remove the forearm buffer and recoil spring. Wipe the magazine tube clean of all dirt and grit. Lightly oil and wipe dry

When the action becomes excessively dirty, remove the trigger group and breechblock assembly from the receiver as explained under "Full Disassembly ..." on page 31. Clean with an oil such as Browning Oil or a gun solvent as necessary, using an old toothbrush to loosen any caked-on grime. Wipe the receiver cavity clean. Lightly oil the cavity (aerosol Browning Oil is ideal) and wipe it dry. No further disassembly is required for cleaning.

B* Reassemble the trigger group, breechblock, ■ and the barrel to the receiver. Then wipe all exposed metal surfaces with an oiled cloth making sure to wipe your A-500 clean of all finger marks where moisture will accumulate.

mThe barrel and action should be inspected to assure that all cleaning patches have been removed and not inadvertently left in the barrel or action.

EThe wood surfaces can also be wiped with Browning Oil or they can be polished with any quality furniture wax (but not both). DO NOT TAKE YOUR GUN'S ACTION APART BEYOND THE EXTENT EXPLAINED IN THIS MANUAL This is a specialized, finely fitted mechanism, and you may mar it for life by an attempt to disassemble the inner mechanism assemblies. Do not disassemble the breechblock and trigger group more than described. If further disassembly is required, take your gun to a Browning Recommended Service Center or a competent gunsmith.

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