Operation of the Magazine cutoff

The magazine cut-off lever is located at the front end of the left side of the receiver. This cut-off has the purpose of locking the shells in the magazine so that they will not feed into the chamber. This permits you to quickly change the load in the chamber of the gun without going to the trouble of unloading the whole magazine. For instance, in this way a duck load can quickly be taken out and a goose load inserted, if the need arises.

To operate the magazine cutoff, merely manipulate the lever to the "MC" or "R" positions. The "MC" position engages the magazine cutoff (See Figure S-A). The "R" position (See Figure S-B) places the magazine in conventional repeater position, chambering a shell from the magazine each time the breechblock cycles rearward (as when you shoot or manually cycle the breechblock).

Also, with the magazine cutoff in operation, and with the chamber empty and the breechblock locked in the rearward position, a loaded shell may be

instantly delivered from the magazine to the chamber by merely moving the lever from the "MC" position (magazine cutoff), to the "R (repeater) position. When the breechblock is locked rearward, BE CAREFUL TO KEEP YOUR FINGERS CLEAR OF THE LOADING PORT AND EJECTION PORT WHEN MOVING THE LEVER FROM "MC" H "R"

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