Operation of the safety

The safety is located on the top tang at the rear of the receiver. When the safetv is drawn with the

thumb to the rear, the gun is in the uon safe" posi

Browning Bolt Bolt


The Safety Bolt Action Rifle

Locking the Bolt

The Safety Bolt Action Rifle

inserting the Bolt

Browning Bolt Bolt

Releasing the Bolt Stop

•f tion. This blocks the trigger and locks the boll in the closed position. In this position an US" will appear on the tang in front of the safety. WHENEVER A CARTRIDGE IS CHAMBERED, THE RIFLE SHOULD BE KEPT IN THE "ON SAFE" POSITION UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE IT. When the safety is pushed forward, the ,;S" will be covered and a red dot on the stock will appear indicating that the rifle is in the "off safe" position and ready to fire (See figure 2).

Inserting and removing the boft_

1 INSERTING THE BOLT - The A-Bolt 11 l ifle comes packed in a foam-padded box with the bolt removed from the rifle. It is necessarv to in-

sert the bolt into the receiver. To clo this, first place the safety in the "off .safe* position. Align the forward end of the bolt in the rear opening of the receiver. Be sure (lie cartridge depressor is also aligned with the bottom bolt lug, the bottom bolt lug has a screw and two holes. (See figure 3). Push the bolt completely forward and rotate the handle down to lock it (See figure i). It is not necessary to depress the bolt stop to insert the bolt. RETURN THE THUMB-OPERATED SAFETY TO THE "ON SAFE" POSITION. The rifle is now completely assembled and may be operated normally. *


Time, exposure to the elements, as well as the abrasive action of cleaning agents can erase it.

2 REMOVING THE BOLT— FIRST, CHECK TO MAKE CERTAIN THERE ARE NO CARTRIDGES IN THE CHAMBER OR MAGAZINE. Press in Oil the forward end of the bolt stop and draw the bolt to the rear completely removing it from the rifle. The bolt stop is the horizontal bar on the left side of the receiver (See figure 5).

Cocking indicator_

Below the bolt shroud and ahead of the safety is a serrated cocking indicator. The indicator is painted red. When the rifle is cocked it mav be readilv felt j /

with the thumb as well as easily seen with a quick mSmimm

Browning Bolt Bolt
Figure 7
Browning Bolt Bolt

glance downward (See figure 6). When the rille is fired, the cocking indicator retracts into the bolt shroud and cannot be seen or fell.

Loading the rifle_

The Browning A-Bolt II utilizes a unique detachable box magazine with a hinged floorplate. The magazine on standard calibers holds four rounds. On magnum calibers, the Micro Medallion and 284 Win., the capacity is three rounds. Under certain conditions it may be possible to load an extra round into the magazine of the Micro Medallion, however, this practice may alter the function of your firearm. With an extra round in the magazine and the bolt closed, it may not be possible to latch the magazine floorplate.

LOADING WITH THE MAGAZINE ATTACHED TO THE FLOORPLATE— Hold the rille with the barrel angled down toward the ground. The bolt may be in the open or closed position.

Rille Guns

NOTE: IF THE BOLT IS IN CLOSED POSITION, BE SURE THE SAFETY IS IN THE "ON SAFE" POSITION. Hold the rifle with either hand. Depress the magazine latch in front of the trigger guard with the index finger of your free hand and allow the hinged lloorplate-magazine unit to swing downward (See figure 7).

Lay a round on top of the follower and press down with your thumb until it is retained in the magazine. Care should be exercised in positioning each cartridge so that its base is flush with the rear of the magazine. If the nose of a cartridge protrudes beyond the front of the magazine, it could cause feeding problems or interfere with the closing of the .magazine floorplate (See figure 8).

After loading the magazine, swing the floorplate upwards until it is retained by the magazine latch. The boll mav be cycled at any time vou wish to load the

/ * s t chamber. Slide the thumb safety to the rear to PLACE THE LOADED RIFLE IN "ON SAFE" STATUS. The magazine- floorplate unit may be opened at any time to refill the magazine to capacity.

LOADING WITH THE MAGAZINE WHEN DETACHED FROM THE FLOORPLATE — PLACE THE RIFLE'S SAFETY IN THE "ON SAFE" POSITION. BE SURE THE MUZZLE IS POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION. With the inagazine-floorplate unit open, the magazine may be detached by merely pulling ii away from the hinged floorplate.

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