Scope Mount

Ail calibers are drilled and tapped for scope mounts. See your Browning dealer to purchase the scope mount base and rings designed for the A-Bolt II.

Browning Bolt Bolt

The correct procedure for cleaning your A-Bolt II is as follows:

Trigger Adjustment_

1 The A-Bolt Us trigger is preset at the factory. The trigger pull can be adjusted within a range of approximately 3 to 6 pounds. To adjust the trigger pull, first make certain that the rifle is unloaded. Next lower the floorplate and carefully remove the trigger guard screw (See figure I I). Lift the trigger guard out of the stock (See figure 12).

2 The trigger pull adjustment screw is located at the rear of the trigger assembly (See figure 13). To decrease the weight of the trigger pull, turn the adjustment screw in a clockwise direction using a small screw driver. To increase the trigger pull, turn the adjustment screw in a counter clockwise direction. NOTE: If trigger pull is increased loo much, the trigger cannot be pulled. Turn the screw clockwise until trigger can be pulled.

3 Trigger pull can be measured, with the bolt closed, using a very accurate spring scale or a commercially available set of trigger pull measuring weights. Most gunsmiths can also measure trigger pull for you.

4 When finished making the adjustment, place the trigger guard back in the stock and reinstall the trigger guard screw snugly.


The Browning A-Boll II Medallion is equipped with swivel studs and swivels. Other A-Bolt 11 models are equipped with swivel studs only.

Cleaning and Maintenance_

The correct procedure for cleaning your A-Bolt II is as follows:

1 be certain the rifle is unloaded and the bolt has been removed.

2 use a cleaning rod with a tip and patch large enough for a snug fit in the bore. Insert the rod and patch into the barrel at the breech end and run it back and forth several times. Caution should be excersised to ensure that the cleaning rod or handle does not strike the crown of the muzzle, as damage to this area can affect the accuracy of the rifle.

3 inspect the chamber and bore for powder fouling. A normal amount of powder residue can be expected and is nor serious. It can usually be removed by repeating step No. 2, using a patch saturated with nitro solvent. If or when fouling should become heavy, it can be removed with a brass bore brush. Dip or spray the brush with nitro solvent and scrub the chamber and bore until the fouling is removed. To prevent brass bristles from breaking off, the brush should be pushed completely through the bore before being withdrawn.


Modern cartridge jackets are made mainly of copper and zinc. Residues from copper and zinc stick to the barrel and require more frequent cleaning. Swab the bore of your rifle with a good copper solvent using the manufacturers recommended procedure.

marks should lxj removed because they provide a place where moisture can accumulate. Ordinary good judgment will, of course, indicate that the metal of the gun should receive a light film of oil any time the rifle has been exposed to weather or handling.

8 THE WOOD SURFACES OF YOUR A-BOLTII CAN ALSO BE WIPED LIGHTLY WITH BROWNING OIL, or you can apply a quality wood or furniture polish to the stock and forearm. Using one of these methods (not both), will enhance the beautv and durability of vour rifle.

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