Browning ABolt Shotgun

Browning Bolt Instructions

Schematic is provided for parts identification only and should not be used as a guide to assemble the shotgun.

IMPORTANT: When ordering parts, list pan number, pan name, gauge, model and your shotgun's serial number.

CAUTION: Browning pans are made exclusively for Browning guns and should not be used in other guns even though models may be similar. Inadequately fitted pans may be dangerous.


POm340 P017Ï20-POU403Ç,

P078269 P017067

^ P078622 P017062


, P078286 S.P078200

Hife mt




P078829«?k P078465

P078258 P078268 P078770

A-Bolt Shotgun Parts List_

This parts is: refers tolte Browning A-Boit Siotgui only. Impcrtam: When order ng pats list pari nun^r, pari name, gsjge ard serial rwirber. Feel free to use our tclMree FAX number lor paris orders: 1-8K>8174755.








Barrel Mounting Screv/


Grip Cap Screw


Safety Lever Pin


Barrel W.'Receiver 22" Rifled

TO 7086

Magazine Base


Safety Lever Spring


Barrel W/Reoeiver 23" STD


Magazine Bocfy


Safety Link



Magazine Follower


Safety Link RoliPin


Boll Assembly


Magazine Follower Guide P<n


Safety Pin


Boll Body


Magazine Follower Rivet


Safety Pin Snap Ring


Boll Handle


Magazine Follower Spring


Safety Selector


Boll Handle Pin


Magazine Floor Plate


Safety Spring


Bolt Head


Magazine Floor Plate Hinge


Safety Stud


Bolt Head Key Pin


Magazine Floor Plate Hinge Pin




Bol! Retainer


Magazine Floor Plate Hinge


Sear Pin


Bolt Retainer Pin



Sear Screw


Bolt Retainer Pin Guide


Magazine Floor Plate Latch


Sear Spring


Belt Retainer Screw


Magazine Floor Plate Latch Pin


Shell Grip Over


Bolt Retainer


Magazine Floor Plate Latch


Shell Grip Pin

'P078580 'P017Û28

Bolt Shroud Bolt Sleeve

Magazine Retainer Spring

P017136 'PQ17140

Shell Grip Spring Shell Grip Under


Bolt Sleeve Sere1/.'

'P017040 Ejector Retaining Screw

*P017044 Ejector Spring

P017046 Extractor

P017048 Extractor Pin

P017050 Extractor Spring

'P017054 Feed Ramp

P017056 Feed Ramp Screw

"P017060 Firing Pin

"P017062 Firing Pin Sear

T078622 Firing Pin Sear Pin

T017065 Firing Pin Sear Roller

'P017067 Firing Pin Sear Roller Pin

'P078461 Firing Pin Spring

'P078&29 Firing Pin Washer

P017070 Friction Spring

P021150 Front Sight W/O Bead

P021151 Front Sight Bead

'P017074 Front Sight Ramp Invector Barrel

"P017078 Front Sight Ramp Rifled Barrel

TOI7080 Front Sight Ramp Screw Front

'P017082 Front Sight Ramp Screw Rear

P078A40 Grip Cap

P078234 Magazine Retainer Spring Set Pin

P078698 Magazine Spring Pin

P078687 Magazine Strut Inner

P078692 Magazine Strut Outer

P078701 Magazine Strut Pin

P017105 Magazine Strut Spring

'P017110 Mechanism Housing

'P017112 Mechanism Housing Screw

P021152 Rear Sight Aperture

P017114 Rear Sight Base

P017115 Rear Sight Base Screw

P017116 Rear Sight Base Screw

P017118 Rear Sight Body

P017119 Rear Sight Body Pin

P01 1403 Rear Sight Elevation Screw

P017120 Rear Sight Elevation Screw Buffer

P011401 Rear Sight Windage Screw

'P017125 Recoil Plate

"P078240 Safety

"P078765 Safety Blocking Pin

'P078252 Safety Block lock Washer

'P078770 Safety Lever

P017144 Sling Swivel Eyelet Front

P078296 Sling Swivel Base Rear

'P017148 Stock Hunting Invector

'P017152 Stock Hunting Rifled

•POl 7156 Slock Stalker Invector

T017160 Stock Stalker Rifted

'P078740 Stock Washer

'P078814 Telescope Mount Filler Screws

"P078465 Trigger Assy W/Sear & Screw

'P0171&4 Trigger Assy Clamp

'P0171&8 Trigger Assy Clamp Screw

TO78021 Trigger Guard

• P078326 Trigger Guard Screw Front

'P017172 Trigger Guard Screw Rear

'P078829 Trigger Pin

'P078834 Trigger Pull Adj Screw

TO 78468 Trigger Sear

"P078469 Trigger Sear Screw

'P078866 Trigger Spring

' indicates part must be fitted by our shop or a qualified gunsmith. " indicates part must he fitted by Browning's service facility in Arnold, Missouri.

i Pen may be purchased only by holders of current valid Federal Firearms License.

Desert Eagle Bolt Disassembly

Removing the


Figure 11

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