General Operating Procedures

The Browning Automatic-5 shotgun is a recoil operated, semi-automatic shotgun. The breech bolt locks into the barrel. Upon firing, recoil causes the barrel and breech bolt to travel rearward, recocking the hammer. After full rearward travel, the breech bolt unlocks from the barrel.

The barrel begins forward movement an instant before the breech bolt begins forward travel. This split second delay lets the barrel "get ahead" of the breech bolt, which is holding the spent shell with dual extractors. This accomplishes extraction. Ejection occurs when the ejector, located in the barrel extension, strikes the rim of the spent shell during forward travel of the barrel. During forward travel of the bolt, a fresh round from the magazine is fed into the chamber. After the last shell has been fired, the breech bolt locks open, instead of returning fully home. This facilitates speedy, convenient reloading.

This operation is semi-automatic; the trigger must be released and pulled to fire each successive shot.

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