Oil on the Magazine tube

Whether the friction ring is set for heavy loads or light loads, the amount and kind of oil on the magazine tube will, by varying the amount of friction, have an effect upon the amount of recoil. In general, the more oil that is put on the magazine tube (or bronze friction piece), the easier this friction piece will slide on the tube; hence, a greater degree of recoil will be obtained.

Should your gun at any time commence to give ejection trouble, one or more of the following is usually the cause:

1 Insufficient oil on the magazine tube, rust, gum, or hardened grease, any of which may interfere with normal operation of the recoil spring and friction pieces.

2 The friction rings are not properly set.

3 A slight swelling of the forearm (sometimes unavoidable under conditions of excessive exposure to moisture) may cause sufficient resistance to the barrel to affect normal operation. If a side of the barrel shows signs that it is rubbing against the forearm, the application of a fine piece of emery cloth to the interfering portion of the inside of the forearm will quickly rectify the problem.

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