Bore Magnum

The recoil mechanism is arranged in the following order: a friction ring (62/C 12M), two regulating rings (61A) with the bevelled edges together, another friction ring (62/C 12M), and a third regulating ring (61A) with the bevelled edge to the front, the recoil spring (61/C 12M). The friction rings and regulating rings are interchangeable, provided they be fitted in the above order (fig. 10). Before using the gun for the first time, and to the first few times the gun is used, say until 200 or 300 cartridges have been fired, the magazine tube should be lightly greased, between the spirals of the spring, with the grease which is supplied with the gun.

This operation should be repeated if the gun is not used for a long time. After firing about 300 cartridges, the grease should be removed and the tube lightly oiled.

It is not advised to remove completely the recoil spring, but to half withdraw it and clean the rear part of the tube ; then compress the spring and clean the front part.

Note. The 12 bore Magnum gun being intended for the use of 3" Magnum cartridges, it is not advisable to use shorter or weaker cartridges. If, however, this must be, then it will be necessary to remove from the recoil mechanism the first friction ring and the first two regulating rings. The length of the cartridge must not however be less than 59 mm (2 3/8").

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