This is a specialized, finely fitted mechanism. You may permanently mar it by attempting to disassemble the inner mechanism assemblies. If further disassembly for senice or cleaning is required, take your gun to a Browning recommended Service Center or a competent gunsmith, or send it to our Arnold, Missouri Service Facility as explained under "Service or Repair".


With the rifle in the ON SAFE position and pointed in a safe downward direction, release the magazine floorplate to its open position. Grasp the lx)lt operating handle and move it smartly to the rear, thereby extracting and

Figure 9

Pull action bar out of the receiver.

Figure 9

Pull action bar out of the receiver.

Browning Repair Arnold
Figure 10
Browning Bar Cleaning
Figure 11___________
Browning Bar Cleaning

ejecting any live round in the chamber. Remove all rounds from the magazine clip on the hinged floorplate. Always visually inspect the chamber to make sure there are no rounds present. (See page 7 for instructions on removing and unloading the magazine).

2 Remove forearm: Loosen and remove the fore-ami swivel eyelet with a small wrench by turning in a counter-clockwise direction. Care should l>e taken to prevent scratching the fore

Browning Bar Gas Cylinder

arm. Grasp the forward end of the forearm and pull away from the barrel carefully until firm resistance is felt. Then slide the foreami forward and off. (The foreami must be pulled away from the barrel so that the forearm will clear the bottom of the gas cylinder as the forearm is moved forward.) Note: The foreami cannot be removed unless the bolt is locked open. In order to lock the bolt open, the magazine clip must be on the hinged floorplate.

3 Remove action bars: Close the bolt by depressing the liolt release lever. To remove the left action bar pull the forward end away from its slot on the inertia piece. Then lower and pull the action bar forward and out of the receiver. (See Figure 9) Remove the right action bar by first releasing the lx>lt release lever spring from the Ixilt release lever and removing the spring from the receiver. (See Figure 10) Remove the lx)lt release lever pin and pull the bolt release lever forward and out of the receiver. (See Figure 11) You can then pull the forward end of the action bar away from the inertia piece and lower and pull the action bar out of the receiver.

4 Remove gas q'linder screw cap from the forward end of the gas cylinder: Turn in a counter-clockwise direction. (See Figure 12) Use a 11/16" wrench for this operation.

5 Remove the gas piston: The inertia block should be pulled back toward the receiver until rear face of the gas piston can be pushed for-

Browning Gold Gas Piston Mods

Figure 14

Remove action spring, action spring guide and inertia block.

Receiver Action Wrench

Figure 14

Remove action spring, action spring guide and inertia block.

M240 Disassembly
Replace action spring, action spring guide and inertia block into recess in receiver.

action spring, action spring guide, and inertia block. (See Figure 14)

Hie gas cylinder can now be examined for accumulations of residue. Residues in the gas cylinder and on the gas piston should be thoroughly removed with a good quality powder solvent or bore cleaner. If residues are heavy, they can be removed by scrubbing the gas cylinder with a 20 gauge shotgun bronze wire bore brush and a good solvent.

ward out of the gas cylinder with a small drive punch. (See Figure 13) Note: An extremely dirty gas cylinder and gas piston may require forcefully moving the gas piston forward with a hammer and drive punch, and extreme care must be used to avoid scoring parts. If the gas piston will not move with moderate force, piace a couple of drops of nitro-solvent around the gas piston, wait about 15 minutes, and then try to push the piston out with the drive punch. If the piston still will not move, put more nitrosolvent on the piston and allow it to set overnight before attempting to remove the piston.

6 Remove the inertia block, action spring, and action spring guide: Tightly grip by hand the rear portion of the action and action spring guide and pull forward toward gas cylinder until the action spring guide is clear of its recess in the receiver. The rear end of the action spring guide can then Ix? moved to one side of the receiver and then rearward to remove the

Note: the gas cylinder screw located on the gas cylinder is set at the factory. do not change the setting on the gas cylinder screw. Any changes to the gas cylinder screw may adversely affect the accuracy and operation of your rifle.

The gas piston, gas cylinder, and other parts covered by the forearm should be wiped with a very lightly oiled cloth after cleaning. The gas cylinder interior and the gas piston should not be oiled beyond this.

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