Caution The Safety Should Be Kept In Its On Safe Position At All Times Except When Actually Firing The Rifle The triggerblock type safety is conveniently located on the trigger guard just rearward

of the trigger. (See Figure 2) This is an ideal location for manipulation of the large safety head with the index finger of either hand. With the safety pushed completely to the right, the rifle is ON SAFE and rearward movement of the trigger is completely blocked.

With safety pushed completely to the left the rifle is OFF SAFE and ready to fire. In this FIRE or OFF SAFE position a band of RED is visible on the safety where it projects beyond the left face of the trigger guard. CAUTION: If your rifle was purchased used, the safety may have been reversed for a left-handed shooter. Please take time to inspect your rifle's safety for the positioning mentioned above, and become familiar with its operation and position in the ON and OFF SAFE mode.

Whenever a cartridge is chambered, the rifle should be ON SAFE until it is ready to be fired.

NOTE: If a left-handed safety is needed, the safety can be reversed by a competent gunsmith or send it to our Arnold, Missouri Service Facility.

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