Browning BAR Semi Automatic High Power Rifle Nomenclature

In conventional gun terminology the position and movement of gun parts are described as they occur with the gun horizontal and in normal firing position; i.e., the muzzle is forward or in front; the buttstock is rearward or to the rear; the trigger is downward or underneath; the sights are upward or on top.

figure 1

Semi Auto Rifle Nomenclature

General Operating Procedure

Your new Browning is a gas operated, semiautomatic repeating rifle. With cartridges in the magazine and the chamber and the safety in the OFF SAFE or FIRE position, the rifle will fire a single round with each successive pull of the trigger until the magazine and chamber are empty. When the last round has been fired, the bolt will be held in its rearward, or open, position by the magazine follower. To close the bolt, pull slightly to the rear on the operating handle and at the same time unlatch the floor plate, allowing the magazine-floorplate unit to swing downward and forward. Then release the operating handle and allow the bolt to move forward to the closed position under its spring pressure. During this operation, exercise care that your fingers do not enter the ejection port in the receiver.

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