Loading the magazine with magazine attached to floorplate

Always be sure the gun is ON SAFE, and the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction, since there

At this point, allow the bolt to move forward to its closed position.

A left handed shooter may hold the rifle as described above with his right hand at the forearm and the left thumb over the top of the receiver, hooking the operating handle and pulling it slightly to the rear, while the left index finger releases the magazine latch. Or, he may find it more convenient to grip the rifle around the rear part of the receiver with his left hand, with his left index finger on the magazine latch, in order to support the rifle in its downward pointing position. Additional support may be gained by gripping the buttstock between the left elbow and the shooter's left side. The right hand may then be used to pull the operating handle rearward, while the index finger of the left hand releases the magazine latch.

If it is desired to load a round into the chamber prior to loading the magazine, the following steps should be taken. First, be sure the cross bolt safety is in the ON SAFE position. Hold the gun on its side with the barrel pointing safely downward with either hand at the rear of the forearm, as described earlier. With the rifle held in this position the ejection port in the receiver should be facing up. Next, with the magazine floorplate closed and the bolt locked open, insert one round into the ejection port, allowing it to drop completely into the chamber. Then proceed to close the bolt and open the magazine may be occasions when you will want to load or replenish the magazine while a round is chambered. Next, hold the rifle in a safe barrel down position, using either hand on the forearm. Each cartridge should then be carefully inserted into the magazine against the pressure of the spring loaded follower, until it is retained by the metal rims of the magazine body. Care should be exercised in positioning each cartridge so that its base is to the rear of the magazine. If the nose of a cartridge protrudes beyond the end of the magazine, it could cause feeding problems or interfere with the closing of the magazine floorplate. (See Figure 4)

figure 4

figure 4

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