Loading the rifle

caution: Keep your fingers clear of the ejection port at all times when the bolt is locked open. The bolt will close with considerable force, if you should depress the magazine follower.

The Browning semi-automatic high power rifle utilizes a unique detachable box magazine. The capacity of the magazine is four rounds (three rounds for Magnum calibers). Another cartridge may be carried in the chamber, providing a total rifle capacity of five rounds (four rounds for Magnum calibers.)

To ready the rifle for loading, first insure that the cross-bolt safety is in the ON SAFE position.

Next, hold the rifle in a natural position with the barrel safely pointing at the ground. If the bolt is in its closed position, use either hand to hold the rifle at the forearm. Then, pull rearward on the magazine latch with the index finger of the opposite hand, allowing the hinged floorplate-magazine unit to swing downward.

In the event the bolt is in its open position, a slightly different technique may be used to swing the magazine open and close the bolt at approximately the same time. Again, the first step is to insure that the safety is in its ON SAFE position. Next, hold the rifle with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, with the left hand at forearm, as described' before. Then, hook the thumb of the right hand over the operating handle and pull it slightly rearward while at the same time releasing the magazine latch with the right index finger. (See Figure 3) The hinged magazine-floorplate unit will swing downward.



for loading as described in the preceding paragraph. However, when loading the chamber, the bolt should be allowed to slam closed from its open position. If the bolt is not allowed to close in this manner, there is the possibility that it will not close completely, in which event the rifle will not fire. If this should ever happen, merely push the operating handle completely forward with the thumb or heel of your hand. Many sportsmen prefer to hunt with an empty chamber until in the presence of game. In this situation, quietness in chambering a cartridge is sometimes of prime importance. To accomplish this, cycle the action slowly and quietly, keeping the operating handle controlled at all times until the bolt comes to rest against the chamber and cartridge head. Then push the operating handle completely forward, as described above. It is both convenient and fast to load the magazine while it is attached to the floorplate in the open position. However, some may prefer to load the magazine after detaching it from the floorplate. Both methods will be described.

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