Reassembly is just the reverse of steps for disassembly. The action spring, action spring guide, and inertia block are replaced first. The gas piston is next inserted into the front of the gas cylinder and pushed rearward over the end of the action spring guide. Care must be taken to insure that the small guide pin at the rear of the gas cylinder is engaged in the lengthwise groove on the rear portion of the gas piston. To be sure that the gas piston is properly aligned in the gas cylinder, the gas piston should be able to be pushed partially out of'the rear end of the gas cylinder when the inertia block is pulled away from the gas cylinder.

The gas regulator is now assembled into the front of the gas cylinder. The gas regulator must be very securely tightened using the slot wrench provided.

The action bars and support rails are next replaced. The projecting section of each action bar is carefully placed in its corresponding slot in the bolt before the hole in its forward end is placed over the stud on the inertia piece. It may be necessary to pull the inertia piece slightly rearward to engage the action bars. The support rails are next installed.

The bolt is locked into its open position and the reassembly of the forearm is just the reverse of steps "1" through "2" above. Be very careful in reassembly of the forearm, since it can be broken if forced into position incorrectly. The wood surfaces can be wiped with Browning Gun Oil or polished with any quality furniture wax.

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