Cleaning And Maintenance Suggestions

To ensure proper functioning of your BAR, it should be periodically inspected and cleaned. Any time sluggish or incomplete operation of the action is experienced while using commercial ammunition, the action should be cleaned. The following procedure should be followed:

1 BE CERTAIN THE RIFLE IS UNLOADED AND THE "SAFETY" IS IN THE "ON SAFE" POSITION. Again, to unload your rifle, eject any live round in the chamber by pulling the operating handle to the rear and lock it open. Unload the magazine by pushing forward on the base of each round until it clears the retaining lips.

2 Pull the bolt fully rearward with the operating handle. It will be held in this open position if the magazine is installed and empty. If the magazine is missing, open the bolt and manually push the bolt release lever up to lock the action open.

3 Using a rifle cleaning rod with tip and patch large enough for snug fit in bore, insert the rod and patch into the barrel from the muzzle end and run it back and forth several times. Care should be exercised to ensure that the cleaning rod or handle does not strike the crown of the muzzle, as damage to this area can adversely affect the accuracy of the rifle.

4 Inspect the chamber and bore for powder fouling. A normal amount of powder residue can be expected and is not serious. It can usually be removed by repeating Step 3, using a patch saturated with nitro-solvent. If, or when, fouling should become heavy, it can be removed with a brass bore brush. Dip the brush in nitro-solvent and scrub the chamber and bore until the fouling is removed. To prevent brass bristles from breaking off, the brush should be pushed completely through the bore before being withdrawn. Your BAR will operate smoothly and reliably with a clean bore and chamber.

5 After fouling has been removed, the bore should be wiped dry. Then pass a slightly oiled patch through it for preservation. A fine, light gun oil like Browning Oil is recommended.

6 The interior of the receiver and the bolt should periodically be wiped off with a clean rag. This is best done with the trigger group removed, see "Removing the Trigger Group"on page 14, and with the magazine floorplate open and the bolt in its open position. Any dried oil in these areas and on the magazine follower should be removed. Follow this cleaning by applying a very light film of oil on the affected parts. Do not pour large quantities ofoil into the action. An excess ofoil will run into the wood and cause it to soften or warp.

7 Wipe all exposed metal surfaces with an oiled cloth, making sure to wipe gun clean of all finger marks. Finger marks should be removed because they provide a place where moisture can accumulate.

8 The wood surfaces of your BAR can also be wiped lightly with fine oil, or you can apply a quality wood or furniture polish to the stock and forearm. Using one ofthese methods (not both) will enhance the beauty and durability of your BAR.

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