This rifle is a specialized, finely fitted mechanism. You may permanently mar it by attempting to disassemble the inner mechanism assemblies. Be sure to use eye protection whenever disassembling and reassembling your BAR due to the spring-tension parts. If further disassembly for service or cleaning is required, take your gun to a Browning recommended Service Center or a competent gunsmith, or send it to our Arnold, Missouri service facility as explained under "Service or Repair" on the inside back cover.

Repair Browning 308 Ejecting Chamber



Install with the rounded end toward the top. the top.


Unload your rifle by ejecting any live round in the chamber by pulling the operating handle to the rear and locking it open. Open the floorplate and remove the magazine and unload the magazine by pushing forward on the base of each round until it clears the retaining lips. With the magazine removed and unloaded, release the bolt to its forward, closed position.

2 Pass a small instrument, such as a screwdriver or punch, through the sling swivel eyelet on the forearm. Taking care not to scratch the forearm, turn the sling swivel in a counterclockwise direction (approximately 10 half turns will loosen the eyelet so you can remove the forearm). Firmly grasp the forearm and slide it forward and off.

3 Remove the action bars while the bolt is still closed. To remove the left action bar (the side opposite the bolt handle), pull the forward end away from its slot on the inertia piece. Then lower and pull the action bar forward and out of the receiver (Figure 13). Remove the right action bar by first releasing the bolt release lever spring from the bolt release lever using a flathead screwdriver (Figure 14). Remove the bolt release lever pin and pull the bolt release lever forward and out of the receiver. You can then pull the forward end of the right action bar away from the inertia piece and lower

Bar Rifle Disassembly

and pull the action bar FIGURE 15

out of the receiver.

Loosen and remove the set screw that holds the action spring guide in place using a 3mm Allen wrench (Figure 15). Push the cross pin, located directly behind the set screw (Figure 15), out using a small instrument like a punch.

Pull the inertia piece rearward against the action spring until the action spring guide is exposed (Figure 16). NOTE: The inertia piece is under heavy spring tension and care should be used to avoid injury and lost mechanical parts. Slide the action spring guide rearward, out of the piston, until the inertia piece and action spring can be removed from the action spring guide (Figure 17). NOTE: Once you begin to slide the action spring guide rearward it may be useful to reach inside the magazine well and pull the action spring guide from the rear.

The inertia piece can then be disassembled for cleaning by pulling back against the two plunger springs and lift up and outward (Figure 18). NOTE: The inertia piece is under rigid

Browning Bar Disassembling

spring tension and care should be taken to avoid pinched fingers and losing the plunger springs. Reassemble the inertia piece by compressing the plunger springs against the frame on the side where the action spring fits and replacing the block downward over the frame.

8 Remove the piston by pulling it rearward out of the gas cylinder. The gas cylinder can now be examined for accumulations of residue. Residues in the gas cylinder and on the gas piston should be thoroughly removed with a good quality powder solvent or bore cleaner. If residues are heavy, they can be removed by scrubbing the gas cylinder with a 20 gauge shotgun bronze wire bore brush and a good solvent.

The gas piston, gas cylinder, and other parts covered by the forearm should be wiped with a very lightly oiled cloth after cleaning. The gas cylinder interior and the gas piston SHOULD NOT BE OILED beyond this.

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