Loading the Rifle

The Browning BL-22 utilizes a tubular magazine positioned directly under the barrel. The capacity of the magazine is:

.22 Long Rifle 15 rounds,

.22 Long 17 rounds,

.22 Short 22 rounds.

operate the lever in the usual manner to cock the rifle and feed a cartridge from the magazine into the chamber.


With a cartridge in the chamber, total ritle capacity is one more than the magazine capacity listed above.

1 To ready the rifle for loading, FIRST CHECK THE CHAMBER AND MAGAZINE TO BE SURE THEY ARE UNLOADED and. place the hammer in its dropped position.

2 Next, hold the rifle upside down at its balance point with one hand and BE SURE THE MUZZLE IS POINTING IN A SAFE DIRECTION.

Grasp the knurled end of the magazine assembly with the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand (see Figure 7).

3 Depress the latch and pull the magazine assembly in the direction the muzzle is pointing, until the cartridge follower at the rear end of the assembly clears the loading port in the outer magazine tube (see Figure 8).

4 Next, raise the muzzle slightly, but not so high that the magazine slides back down the tube and blocks the loading port. Insert the cartridges into the loading port, allowing them to

Browning Lever Action Loading
Unlatching the Magazine
Long Rifle Browning

Loaded Magazine slide toward the receiver until a round is visible in the loading port (see Figure 9). The magazine is then loaded to full capacity.

5 Reinsert the magazine assembly until it lcx'ks in place. To ready the rifle for firing, first point the muzzle in a safe direction, then cycle the action, chambering a round. caution: the rifle is now loaded and will fire with a pull on the trigger. immedi-

open, to make sure the chamber is empty and that there are no cartridges in the magazine.

unloading from the magazine — The other way to unload is to operate the lever to draw the breech bolt rearward, ejecting the round in the chamber, and then keep the bolt open and the lever down. With the bolt kept open, hold the rifle upside down at the balance point with either hand and keep the muzzle elevated slightly and pointed in a safe direction. Next, remove the magazine assembly by pulling it completely out of the outer magazine tube and place it under the ami that is holding the rifle, or in another convenient place for safe keeping. Then, simply lower the muzzle of the rifle and empty the cartridges.

caution: the last cartridge will not slide out of the magazine, but will be held in position for chambering. be sure to unload this last round by cycling the bolt.

atelylower the hammer to the dropped position as described in the previous section, "Operation of the Hammer."

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