Operation of the Hammer

Like most lever action rifles with exposed hammers. the BL-22 does not have a separate manual safety. While you should never rely on the dropped hammer position to function as a "safety", the exposed hammer itself is an ideal "safety" indicator of the status of the rifle since it alerts the user when the rifle is cocked and ready

for firing or when the hammer is in its dropped position. The hammer has three positions: full cock, half cock, and dropped or fired.

Lever Action Rifle Operation

1 FULL COCK POSITION — The hammer is all the way to the rear (see Figure 3). At this point, any pull or force on the trigger could allow the hammer to fall, firing the rifle.

The hammer can be placed in this position in either of two ways. First, every time the lever is cycled, lever linkages will leave the hammer in the full cock position. Second, the hammer may

Figure 4

Half Cock

Figure 4

Half Cock

Browning Lever Action
also be placed at full cock by manually moving it rearward with the thumb until it engages the full cock notch. CAUTION: BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER WHILE COCKING THE HAMMER.

2 HALF COCK POSITION - The half cock notch on the hammer is a specific feature designed to protect against accidental discharge of the rifle in the event the hammer slips from the

Browning Lever Action Rifle
thumb while the rifle is being cocked. HALF COCK IS NOT A RECOMMENDED CARRYING POSITION, nor a position where the hammer should be deliberately placed for handling or storage (see Figure 4).

3 DROPPED OR FIRED POSITION — In this position the hammer is fully down (see Figure 5). This is the position of the hammer after a round is fired and it is the recommended position when earning the rifle afield and for storage. The hammer may be easily and quickly thumbed back to full cock from the dropped position whenever desired.

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