BOSS Specifications

The BOSS body length is 2 inches for all calibers. The size of the gas vent holes and hole pattern is the same for all calibers. The size of the bullet exit hole is the same for all calibers except for the 338 Win. Mag. and 375 H&H. The thread system lor the 338 Win. Mag. and the 375 H&H is different from other calibers to rule out the possibility of accidentally switching components and creating an unsafe combination.

vou need to trv a variety of ammunitions to obtain j / j acceptable accuracy. With the BOSS you can tune your rille to get the optimum accuracy for all available factory loads. ยป

When adjusted to the "sweet spot" the BOSS will compensate for slight deviations in ammunition velocity. The BOSS will not. however, compensate for poor shooting or flyers caused by low quality bullets and ammunition.

to obtain the highest level of accuracy from your rifle it is recommended that the rifle bore be cleaned every 12 to 15 rounds. see "cleaning the rifle bore" section of this booklet for cleaning procedures.

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