More Precise Adjustments

If you desire to further experiment and possibly obtain even tighter groupings, turn the micro-adjustable locknut 1/4 of a turn clockwise, and fire your rifle at your target. If groups open up, turn the micro-adjustable locknut counterclockwise and sight-in at different 1/4 turns until you are satisfied with your groupings. Again. ':sweet spots'" may vary between rifles of identical specifications with a given ammunition. «As in any sighting-in process, best results are obtained through trial and error. You raav need to retune the BOSS should vou decide to shoot different brands, lots and types of ammunition.

Be sure to keep a record of your rifle's "sweet spots/' especially if you use your rifle for different game and shoot different loads.

accuracy. NOTE: The barrel mounting screw and trigger guard screw on the A-Bok rifle should also be fully tightened (See Figure 9). If flic barrel mounting screw ancl trigger guard screw are loose on your A-Bolt II, tighten the barrel mounting screw before tightening the trigger guard screw. On the BAR Mark II, the forearm locking screw should be kept fully tightened (See Figure 10) to obtain and retain the best possible accuracy from your rifle.

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