Preliminary Adjustments

Before setting your "sweet spot." ii is important that your BOSS is calibrated with (lie barrel, lliis will ensure that your rille is consistent w itfti those tested by Browning Research and Development when BOSS "sweet spots" were determined.

To find out if your BOSS needs to be calibrated, loosen the micro-adjustable locknut and turn it until it bottoms out on the threads of the BOSS — or will not loosen any further. If your BOSS is calibrated, the "0" on the micrometer adjustment ring will line up w ith the longitudinal hatch mark on the barrel (See Figure 2).

If the "()'' isn't aligned with the longitudinal batch mark, vou will need to calibrate vour BOSS. Move

the micrometer adjustment ring on the bottom of the micro-adjustable locknut so that the "(T is aligned with the- longitudinal hatch mark. To adjust the micrometer adjustment ring, insert your finger nail or a small pointed object in the split of the ting and roiate the ring (Sec Figure 3).

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