The Sweet Spot

Precision accuracy from the BOSS system is achieved by calibrating your rifle caliber and ammo with a ':sweet spot* setting. The i:sweet spof chart in this manual lists average or suggested :isweet spots/' These settings were determined through extensive testing by the Browning Research and De-velopment staff. "Sweet spots" may vary between rifles of identical specifications with a given ammunition. Even one quarter of a turn away from the :tsweet spof can cause a group to spread as much as one inch or more. We suggest you use our listed "sweet spot" setting as a starting point in determining the exact usweet spot* setting for your particular

M14 Barrel Boss

Calibrate the BOSS so V" lines up with the hatch mark on the barrel.

The micro-adjustable locknut must be bottomed out.

Browning Boss Settings

Full turn "sweet spot" increments

The micro-adjustable locknut must be bottomed out.

Browning Boss Settings

rifle and make adjustments accordingly. note: any change in boss setting may slightly alter your rifle's point of impact. It s recommended you set the BOSS "sweet spot' setting before sighting in your rille for windage and elevation. The BOSS was tested in full turn, 1/2 and 1/4 turn increments. Tighter groups may be achieved with the BOSS tested in other positions. On the chart, found later in this manual, "sweet spots" are listed by both ammunition and model. Sellings not listed either do not apply or are for ammunition not yet tested.

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