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These are additional instructions specific to the BOSS, which is installed on your new A-Bolt II or BAR Mark II rifle. You must read and understand the cautions and proper handling procedures outlined in this booklet and in the manual received with your rifle before using your new BOSS equipped rifle. If you are missing the operating manual for your rifle, we will send you a free manual on request.

caution: the threading on your barrel is for browning boss components only. do not install any other device onto the browning boss barrel. do not install the boss device on any rifle which is not designed and fitted for the boss by browning. doing so ma y cause serious injury or death to yourself or others.

vibrations of your rifle s barrel using an adjustable weight system.

Every time a rifle is fired, barrel vibrations are set in motion. These vibrations occur in all directions, even back and forth along the axis of the barrel. Browning research has confirmed that barrel vibrations are the primary cause of inaccuracy. Barrel vibrarions are influenced bv many factors such as

/ r bullet type, buffet weight, primers, different powders and barrel configurations.

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