The Barrel to the Receiver

The BPS is delivered, in the box, with the barrel removed and the forearm still attached to the magazine tube. It is important to follow the exact sequence for assembly in steps 1 and 2, in order to properly assemble your BPS. Always place the safety in the "on safe" position before beginning assembly procedures.

1 Remove the magazine cap. Depress the slide release and pull the forearm completely to the rear-most position.

Figure 4

Figure 4

Bps Magazine Extension

2 Hold the stock/receiver in a horizontal position with the ejection port down. Then, with the forearm already in the fullv rear-

* j ward position, push the forearm forward until the rear of the forearm is even with the front of the receiver (See Figure 4). SPECIAL EXPLANATION: In order to introduce the barrel extension into the receiver, the carrier must be lowered. To effectively lower the carrier, the

forearm, must be moved completely to the rear first Then, the forearm must be partially moved forward (as detailed in step 2) so that the barrel extension will not bind against the carrier. With the ejection port downward, the bolt will retain the carrier in a position low enough to allow easy insertion of the barrel.

3 Before attaching the barrel, be sure to glance through the bore to be sure it is clear of anv obstaictions.

4 With the forearm positioned as explained in step 2, insert the barrel extension into the receiver. Move the barrel rearward, guiding the barrel guide ring over the magazine tube. The barrel tab projects from the most rearward rib post on the top of the barrel. Be sure the barrel tab aligns with and enters the recess in the front, upper surface of the receiver (See Figure 5).

Fiqure 5

Insert Barrel

Barrel Beveled Surface


Magazine Tube

IMPORTANT: BPS Game Guns are shipped with a barrel stabilizing split ring and a barrel stabilizing lock washer on the magazine tube. This special design ensures a very rigid barrel mounting method for maximum acccuracy. You must remove the barrel stabilizing ring and washer from the magazine tube before installing the barrel. After mounting the barrel to the action, slide the barrel stabilizing split ring

2 Holding the receiver in one hand, and the barrel in the other, ease the barrel forward off the magazine tube and out of the receiver. With Game Guns it is necessary* to first remove the barret stabilizing lock washer and split ring before removing the barrel.

3 No further disassembly for normal maintenance is suggested.

Fiqure 5

on the magazine tube, being sure that the beveled surfaces of both the split ring and guide ring match. Place the lock washer on top of the split ring. (See Figure 6).

6 Replace the magazine cap. Assembly is completed.

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