Before Beginning Any Disassembly Procedures Make Certain There Is Nota Shell In The Chamber

Browning 100

1 With the action closed, anchor the buttstock against your upper leg and pull the takedown lever latch outward.

2 At the same time, pivot the forearm away from the barrel (See Figure 11). Set the forearm aside.

3 Break open the action in the usual manner.

Always keep the muzzle of your shotgun pointed down range at all times when on the shooting line. When leaving or moving along the line always open the action. Never have the action of your BT-100 closed except when you are on the line, ready to shoot, when your gun is cased, or when it is set in a gun rack at the range. When you retrieve your gun from its case or from a gun rack, always immediately open the action and check to assure that no shell is in the chamber.

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