Browning Bt 100 Barrel

Use the larger, 3mm alien wrench to loosen the adjustment studs. Turn about 1/4 turn.

Browning Sporter Back Bored

Raise or lower to the desired height then secure with the stock adjustment set screws

Figure 20

Downward travel of the cheek piece is limited by how far two drop stop screws have been extended. The drop stop screws are the wo small screws on the underside of the cheek piece (one near each adjustment stud hole in the bottom of the check piece). They prevent the cheek piece from inadvertently dropping lower than the desired setting (out of adjustment) even if the stock adjustment set screws become loose.

2 Turn the drop stop screws up into the cheek piece if not alreadv screwed in

3 Slide the cheek piece to the desired height (Sec Figure 20) and lightly tighten the stock adjustment set screws. Shoulder the gun as you would on the shooting range. The correct sight picture should have the bottom of the front bead resting on the top of the middle bead. DROP ADJUSTMENTS ARE A MATTER OF TRIAL AND ERROR.

Repeat the adjustment a little at a time until you obtain the desired sight picture on the rib.

4 Measure the gap between the stock and the cheek piece.

5 Remove the cheek piece and screw the drop stop screws


Adjusting the drop at the comb allows you to align your eye perfectly with the plane of the rib. A correct sight picture for most shooters should have you looking down the rib with the bottom of the front bead resting on the top of the middle bead. This forms a "figure eight" or "stacked" configuration. Some of the rib will be showing as you look down the rib, but no rib should show between the beads. For shooting consistency, it is critical that you line up correctly each time you shoot. The drop measurement is determined by measuring the distance between the plane formed by the top of the rib and the top of the check piece itself (See Figure 19). When you raise the cheek piece you reduce the amount of drop. A greater amount of drop is obtained by lowering the cheek piece. To set drop at comb perform the following:


1 Loosen the two stock adjustment set screws on the right side of the check piece (if they were not left loose after setting the cast). The cheek piece will now move frcclv, up and down on the stock adjustment studs.

down until they limit how far the check piece can be lowered at exactly the drop measurement you desire.

6 Tighten the stock adjustment screws (on the right side of the cheek piece).

It is possible to adjust the rear setting of the cheek piece slightly higher than the front setting to obtain a more negative drop setting.

Barrel Porting_

Barrel porting is the pattern of drilled holes in the top of the barrel. Barrel porting is desired by some shooters for the tendency to reduce barrel jump and give a feeling of lower recoil against the face. Barrel porting requires only an occasional cleaning as described under "Cleaning Suggestions" later in this manual.

Back-Bored Barrels_

The BT-100 utilizes a back-bored barrel on all models. "Back-bore" is a term for a shotgun barrel that has a larger bore than the minimum specified for that gauge by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI). Your BT-100's barrel is back-bored but falls within the maximum allowable diameter specifications set by SAAMI for 12 gauge barrels.

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