Make Certain There Is Not A Shell In The Chamber

1 Locate the triangular-shaped button on the left side of the receiver, directly behind the trigger.

2 Push this button in to the right and hold the button in

— while at the same time pulling down on the trigger guard. This will remove the assembly out of the action (See Figures 12 and 13).

3 Reinstallation is the reverse. With your gun still unloaded, start the trigger assembly in front first and angle it upward until the back end clicks into position

— engaging the release mechanism. It is not necessary to push in on the triangular-shaped button to reinstall the assembly.

The patented Ejector-Selector™ feature of the BT-100 allows you to select whether you want fired shells to be (1) ejected clear of the shotgun or (2) elevated in the chamber for easy removal. In either case, an unfired shell will be con-

Remove the trigger group from the action.

Browning 100 Assembly

The Ejector Selector™ fffrsr~, button is on the left side of the trigger assembly. " 7

Figure 14

Figure 15

them in the chamber, urn until you hear a click

Figure 16

pop up into your hand. If you will be ejecting shells onto the ground it is important to point the chamber—by slightly canting the shotgun to the right (left for left- handed shooters)—so the shell ejects clear of your body and face.

Remember, never have the action of your BT-lOO closed except when you are on the line ready to shoot, when your gun is eased, or when it is set in a gun rack at the range. It is a courtesy to other shooters, and a wise safety practice, to keep veniently elevated slightly out of the chamber for easy-removal with your fingers.

1 To adjust the Ejector-Selector™ you must first remove the trigger assembly as explained previously.

2 The Ejector-Selector™ is the round, screw-like part on the left side of the trigger assembly (See Figure 14).

3 The Ejector-Selector™ is pre-set at the factory to eject fired shells. The selector switch has a groove in the middle (like a screw head) with a flat surface on one side and an indented surface on the other. With the switch set with the flat surface up, your BT-100 will elevate empties in the chamber for easy removal. With the indented surface up, empties will be ejected clear of the gun. To change the setting of the Ejector-Sclector™ simply take a dime or screwdriver and turn the Ejector-Selector™ 180°, cither clockwise or counterclockwise until you hear a click (Sec Figure 15).

When collecting ejected empty shells, simply brace the butt-stock between your torso and forearm, and, after unlocking the action, cup your hand over the chamber before the action fully breaks open and the shell ejects. The shell will your action open at all other times.


Trigger pull on your BT-100 is adjustable from approximately 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 lbs.

1 To adjust the trigger pull you must first remove the trigger group following the directions outlined previously.

2 With the trigger assembly removed, locate the trigger pull adjustment screw in the rear of the trigger group (See Figure 16).

3 To increase the amount of trigger pull needed to fire your BT-100, tighten or turn the screw clockwise. When fully tightened, trigger pull is approximately 5 1/2 lbs. To lessen the trigger pull needed to fire your gun, loosen or turn the screw counterclockwise. With the trigger pull adjustment screw fully loosened, trigger pull is approximately 3 1/2 lbs. Should the trigger pull adjustment screw becomc loosened to the point it falls out of the trigger assembly, trigger pull still remains approximately 3 1/2 lbs. Reinstall the trigger assembly as explained earlier.


A BT-100 correctly adjusted for cast on and cast of} will have you looking directly down the center of the rib with the front and middle beads in alignment. To adjust cast on and cast off, perform the following:

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