Bt 99 Stock With Right Hand Cast

Trigger Safety Spring

'Indicates part must be f/Ued by Browning Service Department or quaked gunsmith. Do not use the Key timber when ordering.

Browning Plus

Line up the right hand set screw with the right hand groove.

Browning Plus Shotgun

Figure 15

Line up the left hand set screw with the left hand groove.

Line up the left hand set screw with the left hand groove.

Browning Adjust Pad

and inner cylinder. An average length of pull for most shooters of 14 1/4" is set when approximately five threads are showing.

This allows you to cant the recoil pad to the right or left—depending on whether you are right or left handed—or leave it in the neutral position. It is usually easier to determine and set your length of pull before setting angular cant.

1 Make sure the set screw on the inner cylinder is removed or loosened enough that it will not contact the threads on the inner cylinder. Use the 2mm alien wrench supplied.

2 For right-handed shooters, line up the set screw hole marked Right Hand with the groove closest to it (See Figure 13). The Right Hand hole is located on the upper left side of the recoil pad plate. This setting will lean the heel (top end) of the recoil pad slightly to the left (See Figure 14).

3 If you are left-handed, follow the above, except line up the Left Hand hole with the left hand groove (See Figure 15). The Left Hand hole is found on the bottom left side of the recoil pad plate.

4 To place the recoil pad in the Neutral Position line up the Neutral Position hole and groove (See Figure 16). The Neutral Position threaded hole is found on the right side of (lie recoil pad plate.

5 With the hole lined up with the correct groove, insert the set screw and tighten it down-through the recoil pad plate and down into the grcx)ve—using the small alien wrench. (If the set screw was already partially screwed into one of the other threaded holes—for a different Qmt setting—you will need to remove it and move it to the correct hole.)

Adjusting Cast On and Cast Off_

This adjustment allows you to achieve a perfect fit of the stock against your face. This is a most crucial adjustment, as it determines how correctly and consistently your eye will line up with the sight plane along the barrel rib. A BT-99 Plus correctly adjusted

Shotgun Cast Off

for cast on and cast off will have you looking directly down the center of the rib with the front and middle beads in alignment.

Cast on and off is not affected by any changes in point of impact made at the rib. To adjust cast on and cast off perform the following:


1 Loosen the two stock adjustment set screws on

When properly set, the front and rear sight beads should line up perfectly each time you shoulder your shotgun.

8 Tighten the stock adjustment stud screws. Be careful not to over tighten.

9 Replace the cheek piece onto the studs. If drop at comb has already been set to your desired height, tighten the two stock adjustment set screws securely. If drop has not l>een set, leave the set screws loose and proceed to "Adjusting the right side of the removable cheek piece and remove the cheek piece by lifting upward (See Figure 17). This exposes the Cast On and Cast Off adjustment mechanism, the cheek piece comes set from the factory with cast in the center position.

2 Loosen both of the stock adjustment stud screws located in the top of the stock adjustment studs using the larger (3mm) alien wrench provided (See Figure 18). It takes about a 1/4" turn to loosen them adequately.

3 Slide each stud equally in the desired direction. Each mark indicates 1/16"-

4 Move the studs to the right for Cast Off.

5 Move the studs to the left for Cast On.

6 Right handed shooters may desire some Cast Off, with left handed shooters preferring some Cast On. The terminology is the same for right-or left-handed shooters. The net effect is to move the cheek piece to allow the face to move farther over the stock for better eye-to-rib alignment.

Drop at Comb" below.

Adjusting Drop at Comb_

Adjusting the drop at the comb allows you to align your eye perfectly with the plane of the rib. A correct sight picture for most shooters should have you looking down the rib with the bottom of the front bead resting on the top of the middle bead. This forms a "figure eight" or "stacked" configuration. Some of the rib will loe showing as you look down the rib, but no rib will show between the beads. The important thing is to line up correctly each time you shoot.

The drop measurement is determined by measuring the distance Ixnween the plane formed by the top of the rib and the top of the cheek piece itself. The higher the cheek piece, the lower the drop. To set drop perform the following:


Left Right Cast Shotgun Stock

Loosen the stock adjustment stud screws.

Sighting Beads Browning

Adjusting drop.

Counterclockwise to raise comb. Clockwise to lower comb, adjustment screws must be to remove the cheekpiece.

1 Loosen the two stock adjustment set screws on the right side of the cheek piece (if they were not left loose after setting the Cast). The cheek piece will now move freely, up and down on the stock adjustment studs.

2 Remove the cheek piece completely off of the huttstock by lifting it straight up. If it won't remove. loosen the stock adjustment set screws until it can l>e removed.

a little at a time until you obtain the desired sight picture on the rib.

6 Once your desired drop at comb is obtained, reinstall the cheek piece on the stock adjustment studs and then secure the cheek piece in place by tightening the two stock adjustment set screws on the right side of the cheek piece. Drop is now set on your shotgun. Do not set drop by moving the cheek piece up and down and simply securing it with the stock adjustment set screws—without using the drop stock screw. Unless the cheek piece is positioned all the way-down, flush with the stock, YOU MUST ALWAYS LEAVE THE DROP STOP SCREW ADJUSTED SO IT CONTACTS THE DROP STOP PLATE, limiting the downward movement of the cheek piece at the drop position you determine.

Adjusting Point of Impact_

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