Adjusting Drop At Comb

Adjusting the drop at the comb allows you to align your eye perfectly with the plane of the rib. A correct sight picture for most shooters should have you looking down the rib with the bottom of the front bead resting on the top of the middle bead. This forms a "figure eight" or "stacked" configuration. Some of the rib will be showing as you sight down, but no rib will show between the beads. The important thing is to line up correctly each time you shoot. The Adjustable Comb has an height adjustment range of 11 increments, at W per increment, resulting in approximately 5/s" of height adjustment. CAUTION: DO NOT GO BEYOND THE RANGE OF ADJUSTMENT INCREMENTS. SHOULD THIS OCCUR, THE COMB WILL NOT BE PROPERLY SECURED AND COULD RESULT IN DAMAGE TO THE FIREARM. The drop measurement is determined by measuring the distance between the plane formed by the top of the rib and the top of the cheekpiece itself. The higher the cheekpiece, the lower the drop. To set drop perform the following:

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    How to adjust the comb on a bt99 shotgun?
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