Never Rely Totally On Your Firearms Mechanical Safety Device

The word "safety" describes a gun's blocking or disengaging mechanism for the trigger, sear, hammer and/or firing pin. Although mechanical devices place pistol in a SAFER status, no guarantee can be made that the gun will not fire even if the "safety" is on the "on safe" position.

LIKE ANY MECHANICAL DEVICE, A "SAFETY" CAN SOMETIMES FAIL; IT CAN BE JARRED OR INADVERTENTLY MANIPULATED INTO AN UNSAFE CONDITION. Mechanical "safeties" merely aid safe gun handling and are no excuse for pointing your guns muzzle in an unsafe direction. While it is a good idea to "test" your guns mechanical "safeties" periodically for proper function, NEVER TEST IT WHILE YOUR GUN IS LOADED OR POINTED IN AN UNSAFE DIRECTION. Safe gun handling does not stop with your guns mechanical "safety" devices - it starts there. Always treat this pistol with the respect due a loaded, ready-to-fire firearm.

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