Adjusting Drop at Comb

Adjusting the drop at the comb allows you to align your eye perfectly with the plane of the rib. A correct sight picture for most shooters should have you looking down the rib with the bottom of the front bead resting on the top of the middle bead. This forms a "figure eight" or "stacked" configuration. Some of the rib will be showing as you look down the rib. but no rib will show between the beads.

The important thing is to line up correctly each time you shoot.

The drop measurement is determined by measuring the distance between the plane formed by the top of the rib and the top of the cheek piece itself. The higher the cheek piece, the lower the drop. To set drop perform the following:


1 Loosen the two stock adjustment set screws on the right side of the cheek piece (if they were not left loose after setting the Cast). The cheek piece will now move freely, up and down on the stock adjustment studs.

2 Remove the cheek piece completely off of the buttstock by lifting it straight up. If it won't remove, loosen the stock adjustment set screws until it can be removed.

3 Insert the smaller (2mm) alien wrench (provided) into the drop stop adjustment screw lo cated in the center of the drop stop nut. found on the underside of the cheek piece (See Figure 20).

4 Turn it counterclockwise to raise the drop stop screw, and. in turn reduce the drop at the comb. The more the drop stop screw protrudes from the bottom of the cheek piece, the less drop at the comb. This is because the end of the drop stop screw will limit how far down you can insert the cheek piece as you reinstall it on the stock.

5 To increase drop, turn the screw clockwise up into the cheek piece. Do not continue turning clockwise past the fully down position (this is when the drop screw is flush with the bottom of the cheek piece. In this position the cheek piece will rest on the stock.) DROP ADJUSTMENTS AREA MATTER OF TRIAL AND ERROR. Adjust a little at a time until you obtain the desired sight picture on the rib.

6 Once your desired drop at comb is obtained, reinstall the cheek piece on the stock adjustment studs and then secure the cheek piece in place

Adjusting drop.

Clockwise to lower comb. Counterclockwise to raise comb.

Adjusting drop.

Clockwise to lower comb. Counterclockwise to raise comb.

Adjust Comb Shotgun StockProper Stance For Trap Shooting

Carefully tap out the pin setting. Use the following to help decide what adjustments will be necessary.

Carefully tap out the pin by tightening the two stock adjustment set screws on the right side of the cheek piece. Drop is now set on your shotgun. Do not set drop by moving the cheek piece up and down and simply securing it with the stock adjustment set screws—without using the drop stock screw. Unless the cheek piece is positioned all the way down, flush with the stock, YOU MUST AL-WA YS LEA VE THE DROP STOP SCREW ADJUSTED SO IT CONTACTS THE DROP STOP PLATE. limiting the downward movement of setting. Use the following to help decide what adjustments will be necessary.



Front in Up Position:

With rear all the way down:


With rear all the way up:


Front in Down Position:

With rear all the way down:


With rear all the way up:



The rib at the muzzle end has two holes—one slightly higher than the other. Removing the pin and realigning the holes to the slot in the front rib post changes rib height at the muzzle. Your Citori Plus comes with the rib in the down position at the muzzle. With it in this position you have an ap-

the cheek piece at the drop position you determine.

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