Invector Plus Choke Tube System

Your Citori Plus is provided with the Invector Plus screw-in choke tube system. You can confirm this by reading the inscription on the right side of the barrel. The words INVECTOR PLUS mean your shotgun uses a choke tube system designed for use in Browning 12 gauge shotguns with back-lx)red barrels. The extra length, combined with special tube tapers, gives you the finest possible patterns for target shooters. Plus, you retain the same choke switching convenience of the standard Invector system. Invector Plus Tubes are fully steel and lead shot compatible. A special "Plus" choke tulx1 wrench is provided to remove and tighten these tulles. This wrench also has a screwdriver end for performing rib adjustments.


on each side that is fitted into the rib. It is easily removed and reinserted.

5 Removing the rib exposes the elevator detent spring which is inserted large end first into the groove in the rear rib elevator housing, with the bend facing up. It is unnecessary to remove this spring. Clean and lightly oil all rib components as necessary.

6 To reinstall, make sure the elevator detent spring is installed properly and the elevation screw is turned fully counterclockwise. Insert the rear of the rib into the rib elevator housing with the front of the rib up alx)ut 30°. Make sure that the shoulders on the rib pivot are aligned with the grooves in the rear rib elevator housing. Lower the front of the rib down onto the front rib post and secure the front of the rib with the pin at the appropriate setting as explained previously.

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