Pull and Recoil Pad Cant

Length of pull is adjusted by screwing the recoil pad and plate in or out on the threaded inner cylinder extending from the recoil reducer. Recoil pad cant is set by angling the recoil pad with respect to the stock, and securing it with a set screw.

The recoil pad plate has three threaded holes for inserting a set screw and securing the recoil pad plate to the recoil reducer inner cylinder. These holes allow you to set the angular cant of the recoil pad: for Right Hand, Left Hand or Neutral Position. Each position has its designation inscribed on the recoil plate adjacent to its threaded hole (See Figures 11 and 12). There are three perpendicular grooves traversing the threads on the inner cylinder. Each threaded hole corresponds to a groove, depending on the setting of the recoil pad for cant. Your Citori Plus comes with one set screw, pre-positioned and tightened down in the Neutral Position.


Browning Citori Recoil Pad

Neutral Position set screw hole.

Trap Shooting Guns

*-Do not turn the r pad in past the jp point resistance is encountered.

Left Hand Shooting Shirts With Pads
In the Right Hand cant position, the heel leans the left.
Left Handed Trap Shooting Foot Position

To shorten length of pull turn the pad clockwise. Each turn represents 1/20". To lengthen, turn the pad counterclockwise. When shortening the length of pull do not turn the pad bracket down the inner cylinder past the point where resistance to turning is encountered (See Figure 13). When lengthening pull never unscrew the recoil pad plate excessively. Always leave at least four threads engagement Ixnween the ,;!:.:: and inner cylinder. An average length of pull for

When properly adjusted, the set screw will align perfectly with the proper groove. Several extra set screws are provided. Do not insert them into the recoil pad plate holes at the same time. Only one set screw should be installed at any given time. The procedures for adjusting cant and pull are outlined below.


The Citori Plus comes with the recoil pad set in the neutral cant position. Length of pull comes set, from the factory, at approximately 14 1/4". Maximum pull is approximately 14 1/2" and minimum length is approximately 14". To adjust the length of pull:

1 Loosen the set screw in the recoil pad plate using the smaller alien wrench provided (2mm). The set screw is in the hole designated "Neutral Position" on the right side of the recoil pad plate on your new Citori Plus.

most shooters of 14 1/4" is set when approximately five threads are showing.

This allows you to cant the recoil pad to the right or left—depending on whether you are right or left handed—or leave it in the neutral position. It is usually easier to determine and set your length of pull before setting angular cant.

1 Make sure the set screw on the inner cylinder is removed or loosened enough that it will not contact the threads on the inner cylinder. Use the 2mm alien wrench supplied.

2 For right-handed shooters, line up the set screw-hole marked Right Hand with the groove closest to it (See Figure 14). The Right Hand hole is located on the upper left side of the recoil pad plate. This setting will lean the heel (top end) of the recoil pad slightly to the left (See Figure 15).

3 If you are left-handed, follow the above, except line up the Left Hand hole with the left hand

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