Invector Tube Selection

To help you choose the correct choke tube for each hunting and shooting situation, all Browning Invector choke tubes are inscribed on the side with the patterns they produce with both lead and steel shot. Each Invector tube also has notches in the top rim of the tube. These notches are a code to allow you to determine the choke designation while the tube is installed. Rim notches refer specifically to lead shot. You will need to use the chart below to cross-reference from lead to steel, and determine the appropriate tubes for your ammunition and hunting/shooting situation.

Several tubes are supplied with your Browning shotgun. The tubes listed are also available as accessories. Remember, Invector-Plus and standard Invector tubes are not interchangeable (Figure 10B). Invector-Plus tubes are for Browning guns with back-bored barrels only. Before removing/installing tubes, or reading the rim notch code, make sure your shotgun is fully unloaded.

Back Bored




A — Invector-Plus " choke tube B — Standard Invector" choke tube

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