Basic safety rules

1. Before handling, always ensure that your gun is not loaded.

2. Always keep the safety on when you are not shooting, even if you are certain that it is unloaded.

3. Never point a gun at someone, even if you are certain that it is unloaded.

4. Never fire without knowing the precise point of impact. Never fire straight at an object.

Beware of ricochets : Never fire in the water or at rocks. Beware in particular of frozen or very hard ground.

5. For reasons of safety as much as ballistic efficiency, only use good quality ammunition of the same caliber as your gun. This caliber is engraved on the right-hand side of the barrel.

6. In your own interest, as well as that of your gun, avoid allowing any foreign bodies enter the barrel. Earth and snow, etc. can create dangerous zones of excess pressure.

7. Unload you gun between uses and during transport.

8. Systematically use a gun lock when you store your gun.

We have approved these two models of gun lock, both perfectly adapted to the mechanism and loading system of our guns. Once installed, they fully prevent the gun from being fired either accidentally or intentionally by another person.

All Browning firearms sold anywhere in the world are systematically supplied with a gun lock.

9. Safety also involves properly storing your guns at home : consider buying a BROWNING gun safe.

Browning A500


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