1. It is imperative to clean all the metal surfaces of the shotgun to remove the anti-corrosion products with which they were coated in the factory. Take particular care to clean the bore and the barrel lugs, the inside of the action frame and, in general, all the bearing and hinge surfaces.

Legia Spray - or any other triple action oil of equivalent quality - will make it easier for you to remove this protection and will provide your over and under with its first lubrication.

2. To unlock the fore-end iron, use the first finger to move the fore-end lock to the rear and lift the fore-end locking lever out of its recess (Fig. 4). Grip the lever and pull it towards the front (Fig 5). This will take the whole fore-end assembly forwards and disengage the catch (Fig. 6).

3. To fit the barrels to the action frame, proceed as follows :

a) Take the barrels in the left hand and set the electors a few millimetres out from their flush position. The fore-end assembly is now in the forwards position with the catch hanging downwards (Fig. 7).

b) Take the stock and action frame in the right hand and insert the barrels into the action frame, being careful to set the barrel hinge lugs against the barrel pin of the action frame (Fig. 8).

c) Open the top lever with the right thumb and close the shotgun whilst keeping the barrel hinge lug against the action frame pin to preserve alignment. Release the top lever without pushing it to the front (see «Top Lever»).

d) Push the catch back flat into its recess between the small barrel hooks (Fig. 9) and pull the fore-end to the rear, back against the action frame. Close the fore-end locking lever (Fig. 10) and don't forget to make sure that it is fully locked by pressing your thumb against the lever: the fore-end locking lever should then move forwards a few millimetres (Fig. 11).

Warning !

When carrying out these assembly operations, handle the shotgun gently and without forcing in any way. If the barrels are not properly engaged into the receiver or if the alignment is not correct, forcing will harm the bearing surfaces and adjustments, and shorten the service life of the shotgun. If the barrels do not fall perfectly into place in the action frame, check the alignment and correct positioning, starting again from point b) above.

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