Barrel Bores

Bore maintenance must be carried out after every shooting session. Separate the barrels from the shotgun and lock the fore-end. Spray some Legia Spray into each barrel and allow a few minutes for the product to act. Insert from the chambers, a cleaning rod fitted with a flannelette patch previously wetted with oil; this will remove impurities. Take particular care to throughly clean the joint between chamber and barrel, especially if you use cartridges shorter than the chamber a practice which gives rise to plastic residue build-up in this area (If necessary, you can use a rag wetted with acetone to dissolve the plastic). Push through successive patches until these come out clean. When the bore is completely clean, a patch lightly wetted with oil must be pushed through to protect the bore until the gun is used once more.

If you have selected «chromium-plated bore barrels», cleaning will be easier but remains necessary. The chromium layer delays the onset of oxidation but does not always prevent it.

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