Calibre And Ammunition

The Browing 25s in the European range are made in the following calibres: 12/70. 20/70 or 20/76. The calibre of your Browning 25 is marked on the right hand side of the upper barrel Never fire a cartridge of a calibre unsuited to your shotgun.

If your barrel carries the mention «12 ga shells - 2 3/ 4"». you can fire all 12-bore cartridges having an extended case length of 70 mm or less (2 3/4") and even magnum charges, but not calibre 12/76 cartridges (3").

On the other hand il your shotgun is of a 20/76 calibre (20 ga-shells - 3"), in addition to 3" cartridges, it can fire ammunition having smaller case lengfhs (70 mm or 2 3/4"), provided certain precautions are taken for the maintenance of the chamber (see «Maintenance, barrels»). Buckshot cartridges should not be fired in a barrel where the choke is tighter tha 1 /4. Warning !

Only use good quality ammunition with nonoxidising caps. A single oxidising cartridge can ruin the best barrel in a matter of hours.

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