Single Selective Trigger

Combined selector-safety catch

Your Browning 25 is either a double trigger or a single selective mechanical action trigger shotgun. It enables two shots to be fired in very quick succession. Immediately after the first shot is fired, the single trigger mechanism automatically readies the second barrel, even if the first cartridge misfired

The safety catch, located at the top of the action frame tongue, enables both a selection to be made between the lower and upper barrels for the first shot and the shotgun to be set to safe

The shotgun is set to sale when the thumb has set the catch to the rear (towards the stock), when the letter «S» will appear at the top ol the Irame (Fig. 1). Positioning the catch to the left, uncovering the letter. «0», or the letter «U» to the right, will have no effect on the fact that the shotgun is set to safe. This only indicates that if the catch is then pushed (onwards, the upper barrel (Over) (Fig. 2) or lower barrel (Under) (Fig. 3) will be selected for firing the first shot, thus providing a quick choice of the spread required at a given range as a function of the choke and the ammunition in use.

Setting the Browning 25 to safe can be made manually or carried out automatically as the top lever is opened, if you have selected the «automatic safety» option.

Always keep the shotgun on safe except when firing.

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